Why is this blog updated so sporadically?

I maintained In My Head on a nearly daily basis for four and a half years because of a writerly need to write, but also in the hope that it would serve to increase my visibility as a freelance writer and mini-pundit. It did that, but only to a very limited degree; in late November 2013 I realized that the effort involved in producing and promoting work to very limited effect was no longer giving me joy, so I decided to stop. I’m deeply grateful to the folks who have enjoyed and shared and commented on the blog, and feel oddly that this decision of mine is a bit on the rude side, but I hope they will understand. I ❤ you guys!

HOWEVER – I can see that every now and then, I’ll want to make use of this space for a quick comment or to round up information or to share something really cool. And that is why this blog will be updated so sporadically: A shocking lack of either rhyme or reason.

If you really want to know when “sporadically” rolls around, you can subscribe – the button’s down there on the right, when you scroll down. I can’t promise it’ll be worth your while, but then, I can only try my best. : )

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  1. Hi Emily, Always appreciated your writing, in Daily Beast, and now Haaretz. I’m a video journalist/filmmaker, originally from New York City, now living/working in Jerusalem.
    Here’s one of my short videos: http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/126661/the-peace-seeking-settler-rabbi
    I had a question for you – how do I contact you? My email is [redacted]
    Harvey Stein

    • I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to approve this, and I haven’t been in touch! I will be soon, I promise. Thank you!


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