Honesty being the best policy and so on.

As this week has continued, I’ve realized that I don’t honestly know when or if I’ll be posting here again, and I just this minute [3:56 on Friday afternoon] decided that I wanted to say that, rather than appear to disappear. I’m particularly sorry to the people who have just recently followed In My Head — I can’t say that the blog is finished, because I don’t know that it is, but for now, for the next while, I’m not likely to be writing in this forum.

To everyone who’s been in and out over the last 4+ years (and wow, I honestly had no idea it had been that long), thank you so much for being here. I really do kinda love all y’all, but especially those who have hung out and chatted with me, and made suggestions, and corrected me, and supported me, and given me good ideas and all the happy feels. Thank you thank you thank you.


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