Gone fishin’! Left you a humorous video!

My mother and I are about to leave on a trip that I’ve been planning (possibly only in my mind, because she doesn’t remember me talking about it) since high school. We’re off to Scotland!

What this means for the blog and my Twitter account is either total silence, or maybe near-silence. I can’t really imagine what I might feel a desperate need to write about while I’m away, but knowing me, there may just be something!

Tomorrow you’ll see the crosspost of my latest Open Zion piece (about the laughable/sob-inducing state of affairs at Israel’s Foreign Ministry. Wheee!), and we should be back to our regularly scheduled programming on May 6.

As I take my leave, please enjoy the following, and have pity on two poor American women who will no doubt find themselves struggling through the morass of another nation’s English.

xo <3,

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