Kid President sez: We should say these 20 things more often.

Full disclosure: I laughed out loud at #5.

Happy New Year, y’all!

h/t Samhita Mukhopadhyay

“Trayvon Martin could have been me.” – President Barack Obama

This was an extraordinary moment in American history. Just extraordinary. Thank you Mr. President. Thank you.


The full, 18 minute video can be seen here, and the transcript is below. He talked about the need for us to remember historical context, he talked about institutionalized racism, he said it was unlikely that a white Trayvon would have met the same fate, and he actually said the words “If Trayvon Martin had been of age and armed, could he have stood his ground?” I’m overwhelmed by this.

Possibly the most telling moment in the above clip, however, can be found at the 1:19 mark, where the President of the United States slipped into present tense and, discussing people locking their car doors at the site of a black man, said: “That happens to me.” Remarkable.

The whole transcript is after the jump (source):


Racial profiling – really, really a thing. (Video. Watch the video. Please watch the video).

UPDATE: Please also watch the video that socioprof left in comments.

I am more than a little appalled at how stunned I was by the following piece of footage. I know that white society profiles black Americans, that we in particular expect black boys and men to be up to no good, no matter what they’re doing. I know that. I thought I knew that.

But I guess that not ever having had to actually live with it, what with being white and all, I kinda-sorta didn’t know it. Because the following was gobsmacking to me. I rather suspect it will not be to any black viewers.

Watch it, and wait for the 1:51 mark.


I think that the only unrealistic thing here is the idea that any black kid would actually do this in a park full of white people. I’d be interested to see the experiment repeated, but have the black kid wearing a dress shirt and khakis, explaining to anyone who asks that yes, this is his bike.

h/t Upworthy and Chris Hayes

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