Hair follow up! Whoot!

Note: If you were hoping for a J Street update, you’re out of luck! I wrote this post ahead of time, because I knew I would neither have access to a computer, nor want to want to try to be two places at once (at the conference and in the ether) in the course of the conference events. I’m sure I’ll be writing something about it all on Tuesday or Wednesday. Please come back! (Well, please stay, and then come back again).


Note: Illustration may not depict any reality that I have ever known.

So. Remember how I decided that I was going to stop using shampoo? (See also: follow up post with clarifications and advice).

And then how the whole family got infested with lice?

Well…. Yeah. So. We got infested another time or two (…), which meant that I kept having to use shampoo again, which messed up experiment for a while.

And THEN, once I was fully back in the swing of things, I finally realized: You know what? The fact that people keep complimenting my hair — like, strangers, and everything — and I actually love the way it looks without shampoo? Still doesn’t mean I like the way it feels.

Within about 18 hours of a non-shampoo hairwash, the back of my head would feel kind of sticky to me. I was told over and over by countless loving (and patient) people that it didn’t actually look sticky/dirty/yucky/anything other than lovely, but whenever I would touch it, I would just go: Do.Not.Want.


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