In the hope that it will bring an actual lovely sunny day to Greater Chicagoland, I give you Zachary Levi, Bert, & obvious irony.

Note: Who knew Zachary Levi was such a good singer? Well, probably a lot of people, but I sure didn’t. It seems there’s nothing he can’t do. /swoons a little

Note #2: I would just like to say that if Bert were to liven up his decor, it might mitigate the obvious misery of his indoor experience, at least little. You know, for the occasional rainy day. I have some posters he could use.

Dear Jake Gyllenhaal – Pleasepleaseplease come to my Fantasy Seder!


Remember when I said that Jake Gyllenhaal is invited to my Fantasy Seder?

Now he’s not only invited, but I think I’m in love.


I’m sure the husband will understand.

And Jake will not find this creepy in the least.

A better start to the week: OK Go & Sesame Street.

I have begun my workday/week by reading about: the slaughter, underway even as I type, in Syria; the ongoing Israeli theft of Palestinian land, underway even as I type, in East Jerusalem; and rape.

I can’t bear it. I have actual paying work to do, which actually deals with Israel/Palestine and Jerusalem, and I’m not dealing with it because I’m too busy going from heartbroken to incensed and back again.

So, here: OK Go teamed up with veteran PBS stop-motion animator Al Jarnow to make a very delightful little clip about the primary colors for Sesame Street. It is, in a word, outstanding, and I can only hope that it will brighten your Monday as it did mine.


And, just to make your love of OK Go even more complete-er, here they are, in a game for you or your toddler’s enjoyment: OK Go Color (not that I’ve spent any of my workday playing it just now. Or anything).

h/t the I-just-discovered-it-and-it’s-so-cool Brain Pickings.

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