I’m back! I’m catching up! Have some good music!

A literal hour after my taxi pulled away from O’Hare on Saturday night (following my truly terrific Scottish vacation – about which more later), I was at a bar mitzvah. Can’t slow my roll!

In fact, I’d actually missed the vast majority of the event, as services were in process even as I was boarding my second flight, and subsequent celebratory events unfolded in the course of my hours in the air. But I made it for the tail end — and what a cool tail end it was! Our friends held their son’s party at the uber-cool local venue Fitzgeralds, and hired a local band, Canasta — and Canasta, it transpires, is terrific. They describe themselves as orchestral pop, a genre which I generally do not much enjoy (you can miss me with your Arcade Fire), but man. I love these guys. It has a lot to do with lead singer Matt Priest’s rich voice, but goes far beyond that.

To add to the cool factor, the party favor’s were the band’s t-shirts and both of their CDs, which have been on constant spin in chez Hauser since.

Below is one of my favorite tracks (so far, who knows where I’ll go with this. I also really, really like some tracks for which I can’t find clips, and they also do a wicked cover of No Diggity).

Enjoy! And check them out further by clicking here! And if you’re in Chicago, they’re going to be playing the Taste on July 13 at 5:20 pm, and I do believe that me and mine will be attending.


BBL, I promise.


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