Open thread – let’s play nice!

It would appear that the recent shit-storm at Ta-Nehisi’s place has led to a closing of threads, and possibly no Open Thread for the day. If that proves to be the case, we can chat here!

However, the rules are as they have always been: Mine (which can be read here, but boil down to: be a person) + Ta-Nehisi’s (which tend to boil down to the occasionally unpopular “no dissing his fellow Atlantic bloggers just because this isn’t an Atlantic site”) + the following strongly worded suggestion: Please, please – do not use this space to argue about whatever the hell went down yesterday. It was unpleasant there, it will be unpleasant here.

With that, we’re off!

Open Thread…?

I’m about to take off for a couple of hours, and don’t know if TNC will open his OTAN or not today. (It’s already a few minutes past-N, and so far, no OT). So, just in case – here’s a thread if folks need it! Rules are here & if you get stuck in moderation, I’ll get you out as quick as I can! (Which might not be as quick as anyone would like for a couple of hours, but I’ll do my best).

OTA (11:00 in my time zone).

…and we’re back. Open Thread away! And even if you don’t regularly comment at Ta-Nehisi’s blog — which you totes should — please feel free to join in!

The rules (here) boil down to: 1) Don’t do stuff you wouldn’t do at TNC’s place, and 2) be a person (which The Raven pointed out is exclusionary, but what can you do. Lines must be drawn!)

While you’re here, take the chance to check out the very, very excellent TNC Web-ring, just to your right. There’s a lot of really good blogging being done by TNC’s commentariat — surprising stuff, unusual stuff, ideas and analysis and fun that you don’t see all over the web in different iterations 12 million times a day (my biggest complaint about the blogosphere: Why are so many of us writing the exact same stuff?)

I won’t be able to be as active in the thread today (I got real work this morning! I know! Ah, the thrill-filled life of a freelancer) but I’m around and if you get stuck in moderation I will get you out as soon as ever I can!

Alterna-Open Thread again.

Update: Needless to say, this is open to everyone, not just regular TNC commenters – come one, come all!

Ta-Nehisi has come to the not at all unreasonable conclusion that when he’s off-line, it’s best to not leave Open Threads lying about unattended. So, if I understand correctly: None today, none tomorrow.

I, however, am not off-line! And I understand how weird it can be to have the Gone Fishin’ sign suddenly appear on your usual hangout. So as I did once before, I’m setting up an Open Thread here for any and all who might want to chat.

A few words before take-off:

  1. Let’s adopt TNC’s rules – no bashing of his fellow Atlantic bloggers please, except within the confines of what he finds acceptable at his place. No bashing of each other (like we’re bashable! Pleeeease!), and no arguing into the margins, literal or figurative.
  2. Let’s adopt my rules, too! – these can be seen here (and are always available up there on the right, in “About Commenting”), but they boil down to: Be a person.
  3. There’s no need to fear: I may look sweet, but I have a ban hammer and I’m not afraid to use it – should any unpleasantness occur, I can, and already have in the past, called motherfuckers on their shit. Pinky swear!
  4. If you’re not a regular reader of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s blog, you should be! His is one of the best blogs on the planet, because he is thoughtful, smart, funny, and very passionate. It’s never the same thing twice, but it’s always interesting. Here’s another link, and it’s always and forever on the Smart People blog roll, to the right.

Note to new commenters/old hands commenting from a new or different email address: All first comments require my moderation. If you’ve commented and it hasn’t appeared yet, no panicking! I’ll get to it as quickly as I can.