What’s at stake for women if SCOTUS strikes down health reform.

Ok so here’s some really disturbing information of which I was unaware: The Center for American Progress is reporting that if the Supreme Court strikes down or guts health care reform — women will suffer disproportionately.

Through a practice known as gender rating, women pay $1 billion more in premiums than men each year for the same set of benefits. And even though they pay more, they often receive fewer benefits. Individual market plans often exclude essential health services for women, such as maternity care, contraception, and Pap smears. And women are subject to coverage exclusions by health insurance providers in the individual market for gender-specific “pre-existing conditions” such as breast cancer, Cesarean sections, rape, and domestic violence.

So, a) apparently “rape” and “domestic violence” are “pre-existing conditions” for some insurance providers, which – wow. That fact alone fills me with such sadness that it’s a genuinely hard to write; and b) women routinely pay more to, and receive less from, health insurance providers — simply by virtue of being women. You know: Just ’cause. Pap smears – they’re just like going out for Cosmos with the gals!

I do think that the effort to undo this Administration’s greatest domestic achievement to date has whole a lot to do with a whole lot of love for the business interests involved + a whole lot of hate for the President in question, and very little to do with caring about the particulars. Which is to say: I don’t think this is of a piece with the War on Women, because I don’t think that the folks trying to pull HCR apart really care what’s in it, for the most part. It’ll cut into the bottom line, and it looks good for Obama. IT MUST GO.

Yet it is undeniably sinus-clearing to see that even when there probably isn’t a direct intent to hurt women — women get hurt. Even when folks aren’t swanning about declaring it morally wrong for me to suggest that my reproductive health is of some import — my reproductive health is of no import. And then there’s the whole oh hey I guess rape and domestic violence can go back to being pre-existing conditions piece of it.

As the CAP report says:

Opponents of Obamacare also threaten to repeal the law if they can gain full control of Congress and the White House in the upcoming election in November. But for the time being, all eyes are on an extremely divided and increasingly conservative Supreme Court, which sadly has in recent years demonstrated little regard for precedent.

For women and their families, the Affordable Care Act is not a theoretical concept—it is a lifeline. Attacks on Obamacare are attacks on women’s health and well-being. If the Supreme Court decides to strike down any or all of this law, then it is women who will suffer the most. Women cannot afford to lose this high-stakes lawsuit because they cannot afford to lose the benefits of this landmark health reform law.

Some days it feels like just being alive constitutes a War on Women.

h/t ThinkProgress

Speaker Boehner is: a) crazy b) lying c) cruel d) high e) all of the above

The following words emerged from the mouth of Speaker of the House John Boehner earlier today:

People want to politicize this because it’s an election year, but my God do we have to fight about everything? And now we’re going to have a fight over women’s health. Give me a break.

This is the latest plank in the so-called “War on Women,” entirely created by my colleagues across the aisle for political gain.

To what was the Speaker referring? I’ll tell you: Boehner was referring to the Republican bill to prevent the doubling of student loan rates this summer, which passed today despite Democratic opposition.

Why were Democrats opposed? I’m glad you asked:

The GOP’s bill on student loans took money from the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) for preventative health care services like mammograms and immunizations, and applied those savings to cover the $6 billion cost of the interest rate extension.

So to re-cap:

The Speaker of the House, a US Representative from the Party of No, the party that has done nothing since January 2009 but oppose everything that our current President and the Democratic party have done, is yelling at the Democrats for, and I quote, “fighting about everything,” and “creating” the War on Women — even as he leads his party in defunding a women’s health provision, even as his fellow Republicans strip away women’s rights in matters reproductive and economic in a froth and fury, as if the very hounds of hell were nipping at their heels.

I cannot. I cannot.

There are times when I feel like conservatives and progressives live in different countries, times when I feel like we look out our window and see different realities — and then there are the times when I feel like even language has failed us.

Dear Speaker Boehner: You keep using those words. They do not mean what you think they mean.

Or, more accurately: You keep using those words, and you know they don’t mean you’re trying to say they mean.

You’re just hoping the rest of us are too stupid to notice.