What space sounds like.

You heard me.

From NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory:





I mean. I just.

Did you hear me? You heard me! You heard SPACE!

And now, just for snicks, throw in the fact that Voyager has left the solar system. It’s gone. Se fue. And we have no idea whatsoever where it will end up and what it might find. I honest-to-goodness have chills just writing that.

It’s only a matter of time….

kirk voyager

Having my coffee on Mars.

I’m sorry, I can’t resist. This dinky version doesn’t do the image justice, but I just have to have this latest view from Mars up at my place, too. It’s like you’re sitting with your morning coffee on the Opportunity rover, gazing out over the planet. Mindblowing.  (Click here to see NASA’s hi-res [and infinitely better] full image – there were so many people clicking yesterday that I didn’t actually get to see it until this morning, but you shouldn’t have any problem today).


 As io9 points out, “Opportunity has been on Mars for over 3,000 days — not bad at all for a little rover whose original mission called for a mere 90 days of exploration.”

PS If you do check out the muchmuchmuch better hi-res version, make sure you click on the image to embiggen it. You’re freaking staring at the dust of Mars.

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