In which I fail all the fails. (Well, one of them).

Ok, so I just spent a fair amount of time and thought on a post and then, as I neared the finish line, realized I shouldn’t run it, for reasons. So I binned it.

Then I started to write a post about how I’d just binned the other post, but then realized I shouldn’t run that one either, also, largely, for reasons. So I binned it, too.

And the fact is that I met one deadline this morning and then wrote something in a white hot fury about the Hagel nomination and the ugly fight put up by professional “pro-Israel” apologists (which I’ll crosspost anon, I promise, you don’t need to beg), and the fact that I was well on my way to getting a proper, thoughtful post up here, too, had me a little giddy so I maybe held on to that darling a little too long, but look, I finally binned both it AND the meta-it, and DAMN IT, now I have nothing.


Here – have a funny picture:

polar bear cool


Tomorrow is another day.

h/t ThundarKitteh on the Twitters (and @AngryBlackLady who RT-ed it!).