Marty Peretz & Grendel’s mother. Same-same.

Beowulf & Grendel's mother.

Someone on Twitter reminded me today that I actually once discussed Grendel (the monster in the Beowulf story) and Marty Peretz (an Islamophic monster in modern letters) in a single breath.

I had no recollection of this at all, but it sounded so much like me that I googled “grendel peretz emily hauser” — and lo! There it was! On Balloon Juice.


A) How much do I love the internet and the Google subset of the internet? OMG, soooo much!

and B) This so amused me that I had to share the actual comment with you. Behold:

Monsters are not always monsters, not in every waking moment of their lives. Grendel’s mother loved him, and that’s why she came to avenge him. She was still a monster.

Which is to say: I loathe Marty Peretz, and made rather a stink about it when the anti-Muslim shit hit the fan. But it is possible that, in addition to being a loathsome xenophobe and racist, he is generous to a fault with those he likes, and possibly also good at cards. Who can tell.

Seriously. Who else do you know who would do such a thing? I’m a special snowflake, I am.

For your Beowulf/Grendel needs: Beowulf: A New Verse Translation (the Seamus Heaney version), Beowulf (a middle-school appropriate re-telling) and Grendel (a re-telling from the vantage point of the monster). And yes, I really have read all three — I read the second one out loud to the boy, and will read it to the girl in a year or two. Geek is as geek does, my friends!

h/t @HoldenDCat

Good stuff: Roughly the best response to Islamophobia that I have seen in, like, evar.

So there’s this thing: The Muslims Are Coming! comedy tour.

And, like, I almost don’t need to know anything more than the ding-dang name to know that I LUFF THIS THING SO MUCH.

But let’s be honest — wouldn’t it be great to learn more? Here, here, watch this news report!

And then you can follow them on the Twitter doo-hickey, or go to their website — and then curse the cruel fates! Because, like me, you only just heard about this tour today, and it’s on hiatus while the comedians try to raise some dosh to go back out and beat back the hate with teh lulz in other parts of this great land.


Still — even just hearing the name is pretty awesome, right?

PS Also, too: A documentary is being made of the tour, so my hopes are high that I’ll get to see it, one way or another.

h/t the very funny Dean Obeidallah, who I’ve seen perform live and on the teevee, and who has also been very active in opposing US Rep. Pete King’s ridiculous anti-Muslim hearings on Capitol Hill.

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