Shave a hipster ‘stache – save the world!

Twitter pal, Chris D. Stedman

Here’s a ridiculous thing.

Ridiculous, or just plain sorry, I don’t know.

I have this Twitter pal, Chris D. Stedman, a stand-out fellow any way you look at it. He’s a writer, atheist-interfaith activist, public speaker, supporter of social justice here, there and everywhere. He’s also the Interfaith and Community Service Fellow for the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard University, and he’s funny and smart, to boot, my two rock-bottom requirements for calling anyone “pal.”

So he and the good people at the Harvard Interfaith Collaborative are working to raise $5000 to make 20,000 meals for food insecure kids, as part of a Thanksgiving humanist-interfaith action — and there is almost nothing that is not awesome about that sentence: Feeding hungry kids, at 25 cents a meal (!), marking the holiday of gratitude by giving back, and building alliances between different faith communities, including the community of humanists. In a word, this is holy work. (Ok, that’s two words. And it’s kind of faith-ist. But roll with me).

And to sweeten the pot, Chris has offered to shave his ‘stache if they make their goal. (I know!) (Though I must say, I’m kind of Team ‘Stache, myself).

But that is not the ridiculous thing. The ridiculous thing is that $5000 is a teeny-weeny-tiny amount of money. You and I both know that there are hundreds of thousands of people in this country who could write a single check for $5000 and not even feel it.

And yet off goes the Harvard Interfaith Collaborative, trundling down the Internet Super Highway, asking people for $10, $25, whatever they can give. Most of us who can’t write $5000 checks at the drop of a hat are already stretched a bit thin these days, and we are, of course, all any of us have to rely on most days. Because the folks with the $5000 checkbooks don’t often write $5000 checks in our vicinity.

So. If you would like to toss a little bit of dosh into the pot, please do — just click here, and you’ll even be able to read about Chris’s shaving plans! (Or, if you’d rather, cast a vote for Save The ‘Stache, by clicking here).

And if you happen to know someone with a $5000 checkbook? Please pass the word along.

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