On right-wing extremists and reducing all of Judaism to one thing.

I think you can’t really tell just from reading the below at this point, but I was nearly pulsing with rage while writing this, my latest at Open Zion/The Daily Beast. I had to keep hitting delete, and it’s a wonder the backspace button didn’t just fly off at some point. Anyway, here’s the top – the rest of the rage can be found by clicking here.

Who We Push Beyond the Pale

We’ve reached the point—or perhaps we’ve long been here, and I’ve long been in denial—where a very loud subsection of the Jewish community has boiled 3500 years of faith, of sacrifice, of tradition, of prayers and visions and holy words, 3500 years of culture, of language, of humor and literature and joyful celebration, down to a single, paper-thin definition of authentic Judaism:


People like neocon William Kristol, Jeff Dunetz at Big Government (Andrew Breitbart’s organ), and Gerald Steinberg of NGO Monitor have decided that if we Jews—Israeli or Diaspora; clergy or lay; Jews who’ve fought in the conflict and/or Jews who have lost loved ones—are not sufficiently afraid of the Palestinian people that we would deny them their human rights and worth—we are simply not good enough Jews.

Or, at least, not good enough Jews to be trusted with an opinion on Israel. Because, it would seem, the single most important question we can ask about a Jew is: Does that Jew support an endless-war vision for Israel in which Israel is always right and Palestinians (or Iranians, while we’re at it) can never be trusted?

If the answer is no, then clearly we’re not afraid, or loyal, enough to have a say in the future of our people, our families, our own lives. We dare not represent ourselves as Jews, and indeed, if we continue to try to end the endless war that has for decades drained our people’s lifeblood and perpetuated a vicious, dehumanizing hatred—we might be anti-Semites.

Last week, Kristol and Dunetz smeared a group of American rabbis who have the temerity to serve on the Rabbinical Council of Jewish Voice for Peace….

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