Good stuff (video edition): Fired up! Ready to go!

I happened to be online tonight when people started tweeting about President Obama’s last campaign rally being live-streamed out of Iowa. I caught pretty much all of the President’s speech, which was wonderful and bracing and helped clear out some of my cobwebs of fear, and he ended it with the by-now familiar story of the time that he was campaigning ahead of the South Carolina primary (way back when…) and in the midst of a dreary, exhausting, rainy morning with a tiny crowd of some 20 rained-on, tired-looking people, a woman started shouting “Fired up! Ready to go!” — call and response with the 20 other souls — for minutes on  end. “And after a while, I was feeling kind of fired up! I was feeling ready to go!” I don’t mind confiding, reader: I teared up.

Though I’ve heard the story before, I’d never heard the woman’s name: It was Edith Childs, and she’s since appeared alongside the President occasionally when he tells the story, and is very active in his campaign. In Googling her to learn more, I discovered the following video: The story behind “Fired up! Ready to go!” And it’s pretty wonderful.

And so I leave it for you here. Please God and all that is good and right, let the signs pointing tonight to the President’s victory be right….

Fired up! Ready to go!


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