On women & sexism in pop culture – on bloggingheads! With Alyssa Rosenberg!

I was on bloggingheads.tv again, and this time I was a guest host! And I didn’t even talk about Israel/Palestine*! Squee! (Thank you, vacationing The Posner Show host Sarah Posner!)

I was really, really lucky and got to talk with Alyssa Rosenberg, who writes for Think Progress and The Atlantic and is easily one of my favorite pop culture writers (certainly one of the very few I follow regularly). We talked about women in pop culture, the economic incentives for the production of sexist entertainment, Louis C.K.’s response to Daniel Tosh’s “wouldn’t it be funny if she was gang-raped right now?” joke, and whether pop culture can in fact be separated from politics. I talked about talking with my kids about all this stuff, Alyssa talked about the importance of diversity in entertainment, and we agreed that problematic entertainment is far more interesting than homogeneity. Plus which, I suggested that even the mighty Joss Whedon (Firefly, Avengers)  isn’t perfect—and posited that that’s okay! (And please note: I was wearing a Firefly tee as I posited that positing. I am a Browncoat).

Following is a three minute snippet. To watch the rest of the episode, please click through to The Posner Show at bloggingheads.tv (and again I say: Thank you Sarah! And thank you bloggingheads!)


*as I did the first time…

Me on bloggingheads (!).

There’s this really cool thing out there in the blogosphere called bloggingheads tv, in which really cool people sit around ye ol’ computer monitor and jaw about something they know a lot about. It makes for really interesting, fly-on-the-wall type watching, and as I say: It’s really cool.


Last week, Sarah Posner, author of God’s Profits: Faith, Fraud, and the Republican Crusade for Values Voters, and senior editor at Religion Dispatches, AND a blogginghead herself, on The Posner Show — asked me to do a segment for her show! And so I did. It was posted at the bloggingheads tv site on Friday afternoon — but I cannae post it here! Because this is a free WordPress blog and my options are limited on that score (pretty much anything that isn’t on YouTube is just not possible).


To view the entire 50 minutes (you heard me), click here.

If you’d like just little 2-4 minute slices of that larger whole, however, that’s an option, too! To view just the bit where I talk about why I left Israel, click here, and why I don’t think we’ll never move back, click here. Interested in the race riots that recently took place in South Tel Aviv? Click here. Jerusalem more your bag? Click here. To see our conversation about if the American Jewish community understands just how far right the Israeli government has swung in recent years, click here. And finally, for my thoughts on if I think the whole Open Zion experiment is a good one? Click here (hint: yes, I do).

Two notes: I consistently said “in the government” when I meant to say “in the coalition.” Also, I referred to the girl as being nearly 8 years old, whereas in reality, she’s nearly 9. Management regrets the errors.

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