Black History Month – kind of a downer this year, no?

post_racial-name-tagSo, you know. It’s been a bang-up Black History Month for America’s Black community.

Let’s review, shall we? In no particular order, African-Americans have recently had to stomach the following entirely incomplete list of delights:

  • Comedian/Writer/Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and Living Legend William Shatner made “you all look alike” jokes at the Academy Awards.
  • Comedian Lisa Lampanelli used the word “nigga” to mean “person I like who happens to be white” on Twitter and then defended her use of said term.
  • New York Assemblyman (and Democrat) Dov Hikind wore blackface on the Jewish costume holiday of Purim and then defended his use of said costume.
  • Todd Kincannon, former executive director of the South Carolina GOP, joked via Twitter that had murdered black teenager Trayvon Martin grown into adulthood, he would have become a drug-abusing prostitute. (Yes, really). And defended his tweets.
  • A white airplane passenger made the news when he called a crying, two-year-old black boy a “nigger baby” and slapped him.
  • High fashion magazine Numéro ran an editorial called “African Queen” featuring a white model slathered in bronzer. (Ok, this was in France, but thanks to the magic of the Internet, we got to read about it and see the pictures over here).
  • Tea Party/Fox News favorite Ted Nugent opined that it might have been better if the Confederacy had won the Civil War.
  • A Michigan hospital was sued for agreeing to a father’s demand that no African-American nurses tend to his baby.
  • CNN reported just today that “The wealth gap between blacks and whites has nearly tripled over the past 25 years, due largely to inequality in home ownership, income, education and inheritances.”
  • At the Supreme Court, also today, Justice Scalia likened Congressional support for the Voting Rights Act “to a ‘perpetuation of racial entitlement’.”

Yup. The times — they sure are post-racial.

Dear GOP: Just shut up about black people already. Good lord.

You know…I don’t know the first thing about being black.

I’m whiter than Angel Food Cake and, except for when I lived in a foreign land, have never even lived much around people who are a whole lot darker than Angel Food Cake. My current abode is in a town known for its diversity, and it’s pretty diverse, but white people are still pretty thick on the ground. And even if I were the only white person in all of Prince Georges County, I would still not know about being black.

Because I would still be white, you see.

But here’s what I do know:

Being told who you are, what’s wrong with you and your life and your loved ones and their lives (with the added bonus of unasked for and nationally broadcast advice) by people who clearly have no idea what your life is like is a fucking pain in the ass. I may be White As White Can Be, but I am a woman, and women tend to hear this sort of thing as a matter of course, regardless of color, and so at least I have a little insight into that part of it.

If I had to hear from national leaders that me and mine don’t know how to work, or are forever gobbling up the nation’s food stamp supply, or have too many babies, or let the Democrats abort too many of our babies, or that we are being kept on a political plantation by means of a political party’s wiles and our own native gullibility — when me and mine have an actual history of actual plantations and actual slavery and actual violent control of and sundering of our families — well, I don’t know what I would do. Because I have never had to live with that. Because however enraged I may get with the blatant, noxious, dehumanizing racism that has been pouring out of the mouths of GOP figures like so many sewers over the past few months — it’s never about me.

But I’ll tell you what: It sounds exhausting. And I simply cannot imagine having to face it every day.

Post-racial America, my Angel-Food-Cake ass.

Oh, and happy Black History Month.

Black History Month Eve – 21 years ago, one Mr. Barack Obama had something to say.


He’s so – him! Plus: Now I know who Charles Hamilton Houston was. Win!

Update: Be sure to read the backstory that socioprof provides – click here!

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