UNESCO declares Church of the Nativity a World Heritage Site; Israel and the US throw a tantrum.

How does one even begin to respond to this:

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israel and the United States blasted the UN cultural agency Friday after it recognized holy sites in the city of Bethlehem by adding them to a world heritage list.

“This is proof that UNESCO is motivated by political and not cultural considerations,” Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said in a statement following the decision.

“Instead of taking steps to promote peace, the Palestinians are acting unilaterally, which makes peace more distant,” Reuters quoted the statement as saying.

…The US ambassador to UNESCO, David Killion, said he was “profoundly disappointed by the decision”.

The birthplace of the baby Jesus has been declared a World Heritage Site, and because the people who asked UNESCO to do it were Palestinians, it’s a unilateral move motivated by anti-Israel sentiment that “makes peace more distant.” The birthplace of the baby Jesus. 


There are not enough desks in this world for me to :: headdesk :: upon.

But don’t forget kids! Settlements are not the problem. They don’t “make peace more distant,” like, at all.

h/t Maan News Agency

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