Obama’s Israel trip on HuffPost Live.

I was on HuffPost Live this morning, talking about President Obama’s visit to Israel — he arrives tomorrow at noon, if memory serves. We discussed what we expect to see during the trip, what we’d like to see, and if there’s even any real point to the trip or, in fact, trying to do anything about Israel/Palestine peace at all.

So! If you’d like to see that discussion, click here. This time, I start right at the very beginning, and though it looks like I’m wearing a fetching cherry-red lipstick, my lips are, in fact, adorned with nothing but Carmex. Lighting!

Segregated buses – they’re all the rage!

I was on HuffPost Live yesterday, talking with hosts Mike Sacks and Ahmed Shihab-Eldin and Palestinian nonviolent activist Fadi Quran about Israel’s decision to introduce segregated bus lines on the West Bank.

The lines are technically optional (though I pity the Palestinian who chooses to eschew them) and apparently welcomed by the laborers who generally have to struggle to get to work — and they’re really only for that small percentage of West Bank Palestinians who are lucky enough to have gotten work permits inside Israel in the first place. We also talked about a lot of the other manifestations of the occupation and if you ask me, if you’re looking for a quick mood enhancer, this probably isn’t it.

But yesterday was also a day off from school and it turned out I was coming down with a fever (pretty much no other symptoms – just the fever and related dull-headed achyness), so I never managed to post it (or anything else).

I will confess that I haven’t even watched it yet, because I’m a little worried I wasn’t making much sense. But if you would like to take that risk, click here. If you’re my mom: I start talking just after the 3 minute mark, I think.

On HuffPost Live about the UN settlements report.

I’m happy to say that I was able to appear on HuffPost Live again, this time to discuss the UN settlements report about which I wrote, below. If you’d like to watch the segment, you can click here; if you’re my mom, I start at roughly the 3 minute mark. There’s a lot of agreement and pessimism. Alas.

Yep, again, on HuffPost Live about Israel and Gaza. And Twitter.

No yelling this time, mostly agreement and gentle head-nodding. I’m pretty glad I managed to wrangle my needs-to-be-cut hair a little more successfully today.

If you want to watch, click here; if you’re my mom, I start talking at the 6 minute, 35 second mark.

Yes, again! On HuffPost Live, talking about Israel and Gaza.

It was significantly less shouty than the segment that I did on Friday, but I fear I wandered around a bit when I first started talking, but then later I got to say “I’m sorry, did you call me a liar?” So that was ok.

To watch it click here; if you’re my mom, I start talking at about the 4 minute mark.

On HuffPost Live talking about Israel and Gaza.

My brand as The Most Reasonable Adult In The Room was a little challenged on this one. Lots of yelling (but very little by me…).

Click here to watch; if you’re my mom and want to skip to where I start, it’s at the 7 min 30 sec mark. I also speak further along (at about 24 min 25 sec), but there’s a lot of yelling on either side.

On camera on HuffPost Live, talkin’ ’bout voting as a Progressive for Obama.

So I’ll fess up: My earlier blog post was inspired by the fact that I knew I was going to be on HuffPost Live this afternoon and I needed to organize my thoughts.

If you’d like to watch, just click here (and if you’re my mom [hi Mom!], I start talking at the 5 minute, 10 second point).

PS It occurs to me to mention that in this segment, I was on a panel with Daniel Ellsberg, aka Mr. Pentagon Papers. So you know: That doesn’t happen every day!

PPS It further occurs to me to mention that I mostly talked about why it actually matters a very great deal to American women that the Republican not be nominated elected. FIFTY PERCENT OF THE UNION, is all.

Talkin’ Mitt Romney and foreign policy on HuffPost Live.

I was on HuffPost Live again today, talking about Mitt Romney’s silly foreign policy speech (if you’re my mom, I come in at about the 7 minute, 30 second mark) with some very smart and interesting people, literally half of whom were named Josh. Which kept things interesting!

You can watch by clicking here.

And there was bloggingheads!

Oh and hey, the other day I did the bloggingheads with Sarah Posner again! And I keep not having time to post the video!

And I don’t have time right now, either, at least not the time I need to re-figure out how to embed, because it’s all complicated n’ stuff on free WordPress platforms. So, for the time being, here’s a link to the whole thing; and here’s a link to a much shorter bit (watch me not say the word “balls”!).

Hopefully I’ll get a clip up at some point in the next few days, but who can tell?

On HuffPost Live about Libya.

I was very happy to be given the chance to appear on HuffPost Live again, this time to talk about the situation in Libya and the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens. To watch that, click here (and if you’re my family and only really interested in me, I start at about the six minute mark, with a reference to the statement made by Sens McCain, Lieberman and Graham).

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