Mike Bloomberg flies to Tel Aviv.

A moment of Israel-Gaza realness, in the form of a screen grab from my Twitter timeline:

bloomberg jul 22 2014

And there you are.








  1. Frightening really.

  2. BTW, there’s a way to change your blog settings so when people tweet your articles the tweet says via @emilylhauser instead of @wordpressdotcom. I believe it’s Settings/sharing/then put your twitter nick in the field where it says Twitter site tag.

    Also, it would have been helpful to me if your nick was @EmilyLHauser with caps as I have been inserting the wrong nick in my tweets of your articles having previously missed the “l”

    Thanks for your voice for a solution in Occupied Palestine.


  3. How very courageous of Mr. Bloomberg. SMH.

  4. ExpatJK

     /  July 23, 2014

    This reminds me of John McCain walking through a Baghdad market with a full army escort and in a flak jacket telling everyone how it was super safe.

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