Thing I would like to tattoo on Bill Maher’s forehead inre: Islam.


That in reply to this.

And if you’d like to see just a little of the endless stream of Muslim condemnation (to which no one seems to listen) of extremist violence, click here.


  1. At times, Mr. Maher can be devastatingly on target with his observations… and then this happens. How he goes from penetrating to obtuse is beyond me.

    • This. IT DRIVES ME NUTS.

      He is so clearly SO smart – & yet he is also an open bigot against so many kinds of people, and so it all gets wasted.

  2. dave in texas

     /  May 7, 2014

    Is this ridiculous and over the top? Of course it is. But I think this is maybe as much his animus against all religion in general as it is a refusal to acknowledge that all Muslims aren’t engaged in jihad. Now, I haven’t seen his show in quite a while (I dropped HBO and Showtime about a year ago), so he may be going further off the deep end than I remember. Which is mainly that he never passed up a chance to hammer on religion.

    Oh, and hi Emily!

    • Hiya dave! : )


      Yes, he is virulently anti-religion, in a way that is willfully and maliciously ignorant. I think he carries a special hate-torch for Islam, but it’s a question of degree.

  3. If “Boko Haram is no more representative of Islam than Stalin was of atheism” was Maher’s tweet, I’ll go out on a limb here and point out this could have been an inept attempt to point out Stalin is not generally accepted as a positive role model for atheists .. and he possibly meant no less is Boko Haram a role model for Islam. I’ve determined NEVER to open a twitter account because it makes context somewhat impossible.. but meanwhile thank you for the heads up on the positive statements coming from Islam around the world, one could only wish the USA’s religious-right were nearly so sensible-

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