The only way you’ll get me to watch Episode VII*.

*Unless it gets really really good reviews in which case all bets are off.





  1. My guess is that it will have a great, fun energy and a hook that pulls you in, a bunch of hokum about destinies and what it means to be a hero, and a final third that’s just one big action morass with forty minutes of punching and explosions that don’t even have an accidental emotional impact. I guess I’ve seen too many of his movies.

  2. Bob Toy

     /  April 30, 2014

    Unless Abrams butchers it as cavalierly as he did Trek, at which point, he’ll forever be known as Jar-jar Abrams…

    • Oh, see, my friend, I love the new Trek (well… I love the first one. The second one? Meh).

      But having said that, I have zero hope for Episode VII. I’ll just spend my days remembering that time we all cut school, gathered at your place, and went downtown to have our minds collectively exploded by the wonder that was Empire.

  3. I have hope in Episode VII because they hired Moses to be a Jedi. Believe it.

  4. LongHairedWeirdo

     /  May 6, 2014

    Okay: thank you for pointing out the gender disparity in Star Wars, I’d honestly never thought about that (I’m not a *huge* fan), and making me think… I’m especially scandalized because even if tech wasn’t enough to erase almost all gender disparity, the Force should do the rest. (Unless, ick, they’re going to claim “midichlorians” are a sex linked trait. Which, ick.

    Re: Star Trek – I’m of the opinion that they’re trying to fill in the “good movies” gap in the original movie series :-).

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