My first piece at Haaretz: Ariel Sharon, the recalcitrant and brutal.

I’ve decided (h/t Jen Marlowe!) to post the top of all of my Haaretz posts here, just so folks know they’re out there. This is hugely exciting for me, as Haaretz is really Israel’s paper of record, and I have long, long admired it. My work will be appearing online and occasionally in the English-language print edition (for instance, the editors liked this first piece enough to be running it in print tomorrow) and I imagine that if I do something really extraordinary (we can hope!), they may translate it for what I think of as “Real Haaretz,” aka: the Hebrew-language print edition.

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Arik the recalcitrant and brutal

Jewish America’s institutional leaders have been responding to the news of Ariel Sharon’s death with sorrow, admiration, and the occasional “We didn’t always agree, but…” This was to be expected, and in a way, is as things should be. The immediate aftermath of a person’s death is ordinarily a time to either praise, or be silent.

But as those leaders have all attested, Arik was no ordinary person. He was larger than life, his military actions and political decisions among the most determinative of Israel’s character today. Sharon’s shadow will long fall on any Jew, anywhere, who loves the Jewish State. Some people do not return to mere dust when they die.

The eulogies are full of references to the love many Israelis felt for Sharon, but little is said about the rage he induced among others. I live in Chicago now, but for a long time I lived in Tel Aviv; I can be numbered in that latter group….

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  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. Hi Emily

    Ariel Sharon cost Israel at lot. By allowing the Phalange into Sabra and Shatila (among other atrocities), Israel not only lost friends, she has created determined foes having nothing to with terror, anti-Semitism or the ilk, but foes solely, solidly based in upholding the rule of law. I am such a person.

    One thing very worthwhile mentioning here is ‘Christian Dominionism’ behind the the USA right-wing knee-jerk support for West Bank settlements. This so-called ‘Christian’ support for ‘Greater Israel’ milked for all it is worth not only by Netanyahu, but Peres and the larger Israeli politic is like inviting a robber into your home. Their (the Christian neo-conservative) support is founded in a theology determined all Jews will be destroyed (those who do not convert) in a holocaust of greater humanity in end times prophecy. The frightening thing with this is, human kind’s ability to fulfill its archetype myths…

    As a ‘goy’ I much admire your stance, wherein simple common sense rises above ‘biblical mandate’ for a ‘Greater Israel’ (yes, I registered and read your article.)

  3. Oh, I’m excited for you!

    And yet another place for your great writing to be seen and read by others!

  4. Gordon Jack Schultz

     /  January 13, 2014

    Thrilled for you! The two sources of insight that helps to keep me sane, you and Haaretz and joining forces. How great is that!

    Much luck to you. and don’t forget: every now and then kiss my beloved hometown of Chicago for me.

    Best regards, Gordon J. Schultz

  5. ExpatJK

     /  January 14, 2014

    I registered (btw, it does include the opinion pieces and is free)! Great article.