Here’s Wonder Woman. [SPOILER: I am not Wonder Woman].

I intended to write something today.

In fact, that’s what it says on my To Do list: “Write something.”

Yet, though I have accomplished much, THAT has not happened.

And so, I leave you with this ding-dang awesome fan-made short Wonder Woman film, via BuzzFeed — to read an interview with Rileah Vanderbilt, the kickass woman who plays Wonder Woman, click through.


Man oh man, I want a Wonder Woman movie already.

PS See also: The Wonder Woman car.

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  1. efgoldman

     /  October 4, 2013

    So, is my grandkid a keeper?

    • YES, omgoodness so sweet! Little fingers, little toes, and a *slight* strawberry-blonde tinge to her hair!

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