My apologies.

I’ve been very, very neglectful of this space in recent weeks – I’m so sorry! This is mostly because I’ve been so mind-bogglingly busy (both the busy part, and the mind-boggled part), but also I’ve just been kind of… in my shell. A little. Thinking a lot, not about anything particularly specific or worthy of setting down in words, but just mindful in a slightly different, less out-loud way.

I just read Mary Stewart’s The Crystal Cave (for what appears to be the first time, though I would have sworn I read the whole trilogy in high school), and in it there comes a point in Merlin’s life when he says “the god does not speak to those who have no time to listen. The mind must seek out what it needs to feed on, and it came to me at last that what work I had to do, I must do among the quiet of my own hills.” I think I’ve been in the quiet of my own hills for a bit, trying to find a way to let the god(dess) find me. I’m sure I’ll turn up more verbose in the next little while.

In the meantime, please don’t forget to check back now and then – I’d hate to lose you while wandering in my hills…!

xo and Shabbat shalom to one and all,


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  1. darththulhu

     /  August 17, 2013

    Have a good wander in the wild. We’ll always be here to watch for your dispatches. : )