“We must be concerned not merely about who murdered them…”

mlk martyred children*

h/t profragsdale; for the full speech, click here.



  1. Darth Thulhu

     /  July 14, 2013

    Thanks for this. The man was so On Point, on so many things, so constantly.

    Whether or not Zimmerman is criminal-guilty is as Zen-ephemeral as whether or not O.J. was criminal-guilty. The horror is the backdrop where this is normal and expected. And unlike the specific court cases, I can have some small effect on that backdrop.

  2. The sad thing here is, the anemic leadership in the wake of King. There is some real Black leadership on the left at ‘The Black Agenda Report’ which, of course receives zero mainstream coverage, on the right FOX News promotes ultra-extremist Christian bigot Allen West (who is the personality Malcolm X described when noting the slaves that had gone out of their way to kiss their master’s butt) and in the middle you have the likes of big-mouth Al Sharpton who is all show and no substance. Just a few symptoms of a system co-opted in nearly every respect in relation to social justice.

    In any democracy, ethics, self restraint, tolerance and honesty will always play second fiddle to narcissism, avarice, bigotry & persecution, if only because people who play by the rules in any democracy are at a disadvantage to those who easily subvert the rules to their own advantage. This is an unsolved dilemma

  3. Snoring Dog Studio

     /  July 14, 2013

    I barely have words to express my disgust and disappointment. What a sad, sad day.

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