I haven’t fallen into the void.

No, no, just Israel!

We’re in Israel for the next couple of weeks and though I meant to post something to that effect on Friday, Friday was a bit crazy (but very productive!) and it just didn’t happen. So here we are!

And now I’m trying to embed a funny, geeky, Star Treky picture, but am working on a mobile platform and haven’t figured it out yet, so hey! If you’re bored and like Next Gen, click here! http://t.co/1qH7CgRBEr

I may or may not be posting a bit here and there – I will at the very least be keeping up with my Open Zion posts. For whatever that’s worth.

Anyhoo, happy mid-June! Don’t forget me, and please pass the cake.



  1. Darth Thulhu

     /  June 13, 2013

    Don’t know if you crazy kids are going to get up to Haifa at any point, but if you do, the Bahá’í gardens on Mount Carmel are quite neat.

    One hopes you and yours are safe and happy. Raise a little heck!

    • I *love* the Bahai Gardens – and in fact we *are* going to Haifa! We’re going w/ family, though, and they’re making the plans, so I don’t know if the gardens are on the dockets. I’ll have to ask and possibly even nudge.