Time moves inexorably forward…

…and demands that we march with it.

This person

is graduating from 8th grade tomorrow.

Which is equal parts ridiculous and bananas. Also, it’s requiring a smidge bit more of my time than I apparently thought it would (this morning’s omg-thank-God-I-thought-of-this-now-and-not-tomorrow moment was “His suit! Must be dry-cleaned!”).

Plus I have pretty hard deadlines on a couple of projects this week, not to mention that if I manage to write for Open Zion, that, too would be a good thing – I think what I’m saying here is that In My Head may be less content-ful than I might like over the next few days. (My actual head is probably too content-ful, but that’s another issue).

I’ll just say this – I once wrote this about the boy (who learned to walk in his second year when I was away for 36 hours, and grew taller than me earlier this month when I was away for 10 days) and his sister, and it’s all still true:

But if I could go back in time for anything, it would be to fall asleep with them on my chest, or make them laugh that crazy way, or run my hand over their smooth, wispy hair. I would put my nose against their necks and breathe and breathe and breathe, and check every toe and every finger and every fold in their august thighs, and will my body to remember every single thing. Before I would meet my own father, I would hold my babies, one more time.

Wouldn’t you?


  1. Oh my goodness — 8th grade? Hard to believe!

    Our own guy is only three and a half, and I had a really tough time with his infancy. (PPD is dreadful. In case anyone was wondering.) But I do miss his peachfuzzed babyhead, and the way he would giggle once he learned how to laugh, and those amazing pre-crawling thighs!

    • I, too, had some PPD after the boy arrived – not a super-bad case, but bad enough to know what you mean. Dreadful doesn’t begin to describe it, certainly not when it’s really bad. xo to you & your young fella!

  2. I am a father of a 1, 5 year old girl, and, reading that quote, I am actually crying. Thx.

  3. Lise

     /  May 29, 2013

    I was with him when he took his first steps – really, he LEARNED to walk with you! I do think that all this “growing up” is getting more than a bit out of hand. Just sayin’.

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