Musical crush, awesome-cool update edition.

Matt Priest, of Canasta… stopped by this blog. Today. And left a comment. And said thank you. And also linked to the official video for the song that I’ve twice embedded (how the official video escaped my eye, I have no idea). No, really, he did! Click here if you don’t believe me, you un-believing-type person!

And so it seems only right that I embed the right clip! Especially as I’ve now had this very song on loop in my head for like, I don’t know – a week? Or so?

I give you: Microphone Song – the official clip!


(Thanks, Matt Priest! I think your band and musical oeuvre are very, very fab).

PS Squeeing may or may not have ensued when I saw the above-linked comment. We may never know, and I will never say. Ahem.

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