Dear Science – here’s a true thing.




  1. Lise

     /  May 22, 2013

    No. Flippin’. Joke.

    • It’s kind of nutty that there isn’t more research invested in this because seriously – we’d spend major cash to get a little relief, AMIRITE?

      • Given the amount of money spent researching and fabricating male enhancement products… say! Idea! A Viagra tax, the proceeds of which will fund menopause research!

  2. I suspect my wife would agree.

  3. Estrogen will do everything you ask, but there are some small additional health risks associated with its use. For people who use it merely for a 12-24 month time frame when they are peri-menopausal, the risks may be almost immeasurably small.

    We have other drugs with less risk that work a bit, but nothing works like estrogen.
    -Dr Mike

    • I know you’re a doctor, and you know I ❤ you, but I assure you: Estrogen scratches the surface, and it's hit or miss who it'll work for & who it'll harm (with my endocrine issues, for instance, estrogen is a very complicated suggestion). I'm talking about serious science dedicated to a complex series of symptoms that shape women's lives for a decade or more. And I'm telling you – if someone decided to really get into the weeds on it? They'd make a mint.

    • Oh, and my endometriosis! How could I forget my darling endo….

      • Lise

         /  May 22, 2013

        And *my* migraines, on top of the familial endometriosis. I am beyond ready to be done.

      • Captain_Button

         /  May 24, 2013

        Based on what I’ve seen with my ex-wife and two good friends, yeah, endometriosis sucks.

        • I’ve been lucky, mine hasn’t been bad – but estrogen can be like a Happy Meal to endo & it can become a really untenable situation.

  4. Bookwoman

     /  May 23, 2013

    My hot flashes and I heartily concur with this sentiment.