All the Spocks. All of them.

You’ve probably already seen this. Or maybe you haven’t and now you’re going to be endlessly grateful to me. I’ve shilled for a cool car with geek cred in the past, and hereunder, I do so again.

OMG. So awesome.


(The only thing is, I kind of want to give Mr. Nimoy a haircut).

h/t my old pal Bobby, and Jalopnik.


It has been called to my attention (see comments) that I skipped a Spock! And so I did. Here is the best Spock of all – what he lacks in acting skills, he more than makes up for in good-dogginess:

Spock may 2013

h/t my sister, aka: Spock’s mom.


  1. There is an old Vulcan proverb: “Leonard Nimoy is the sh*t.” LLAP

  2. OMG, that is every bit as awesome as everybody said.

    DAAAAAAMN. *happy geek dance*

  3. At least Leonard didn’t start singing “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” or anything like that…

    “Technically, we’re not inside yet.” (and then he cheats like Kirk)

  4. Lise

     /  May 7, 2013

    You missed one. But I can’t post a picture.
    GOOD JOB!!!!

    • Lise

       /  May 9, 2013

      Problem solved! I love all Spocks, but our Mr. Spock is the best.

  5. You go Leonard Nemoy. Great job!

  6. Bob Toy

     /  May 8, 2013

    Oh, c’mon, Em–lay off the hair–when you get to be LN’s age, you can pretty much do as you want, anyway…and at least he’s not got a fraking pony tail!
    Ciao, kiddo.

    • Yep. Gotta be his real hair, too; no one wears a toupe like that.

    • I have a very bad feeling about what your hair must look like now, Bobby….

      • Lise

         /  May 10, 2013

        Ha! Haha!

        • I liked the Leonard Nimoy story but I really like your sister aka Spock’s mom. Really cute.

          • (Just to be clear: My sister is cute, but the third Spock is the dog. My sister has far less fur).

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