Wonder Woman Car. I repeat: WONDER WOMAN CAR.

Kia has created a Wonder Woman-themed Sportage to help build awareness for the We Can Be Heroes campaign, a philanthropic effort to aid the people in the Horn of Africa, who are still living through the region’s worst hunger crisis in 60 years (click here to read more about We Can Be Heroes, and as this isn’t Kia’s first superhero design for the campaign, click here to see the other cars).

And this, my friends, this is what a Wonder Woman car looks like…!









I know I should want to be able to help the people in the Horn of Africa regardless, but honestly — I really, really want this car…!

Source: World of Superheroesh/t @SonofBaldwin


  1. I thought I was clear of my car wonk phase, but this set of wheels could only be more awesome if it were a Transformer.

    • Tell you what: You can have a Transformer, and I’ll have this.

      And then we’ll drive around and have fun. : )

      • Deal.

        Wait a minute… shouldn’t a Wonder Woman car be, technically, invisible? Perhaps that was too hard a nut for Kia to crack…

        • Uh oh.

          Perhaps it becomes invisible if you’re an actual superhero…?

        • OH WAIT! The boy just informed me that the invisible jet is in the rear cargo, with the golden lasso, wrist cuffs & tiara. As you can clearly see in the last photo, above.

  2. doginajacket

     /  March 28, 2013


  3. This is pretty doggone cool.

  4. koolaide

     /  March 28, 2013


    I don’t even care that it likely has blind spots the size of Montana.

    As an aside, what’s with the side windows of new cars getting smaller & smaller?)

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