Things that always take too much time.

clock 2In the grand scheme of things, the fact that we get a full twenty-four hours in seems like a decent number of time units. I mean: 24! That’s not a small number, you know?

And yet.

They come, they go, they’re like the damn sands through the hourglass.

And there are a certain number of activities that, bluntly put, take up WAY too much of that time.

Like cooking, for instance — and by this I mean: Any preparation of any food. Ever. Pouring cereal is stupidly time-consuming. Food should appear in my bowl (and coffee in my cup) when I and my family need it. And the occasions on which meal prep is fun (Thanksgiving, pretty much the whole week of Passover, when my kids are excited about it, baking) do not negate this fact in the least. They merely mitigate the suffering.

Also? Showering. What is up with that? The truth is that my time actually under the water is pretty consistently 10 minutes, no matter how fast I’m hurrying or how much I’m luxuriating (these tend to subtract or add about two minutes, respectively), and showering is, you know: Ok. I don’t mind it. So that’s ok.

But all the time surrounding those 10 minutes! The warming up of the water, the getting out of clothes and later into a towel. The hair care — omg the haircare! Who has five minutes for that?

Furthermore, sleep. Now, I know that you all are going to say “But Emily, we need sleep to live,” and ohhh-kaaay. Fine. We need sleep to live. But why on earth does it take so much time to be useful? It’s true that I cheat almost every day of my life, getting somewhere between six and seven hours of sleep, and thus am able to snatch another hour or two from the sleep monster, but come on. Why can’t we make do with five hours? Or four. I could probably spare four. In a pinch.

Other things that take too much time include: Errands of any nature, driving anywhere, blog maintenance (not the writing. Just the pulling of the levers).

I mean seriously. I have books to read.



  1. I am also struggling with time management, and i try not to take too much time with things. But sometimes, if we want something done well-we do need to take a lot of time. I loved your post, and the ending was perfect! Honestly, i have like 20 books lying on my desk waiting for me and i don’t ever get a chance. Great post!

  2. LCaution

     /  February 1, 2013

    Anything that does not involve reading a good book is a waste of time. Since, unfortunately, I must work in order to afford books, all other activities (food prep, showers, dressing, cooking, exercise, shopping, etc. are wasteful chores).

  3. Snoring Dog Studio

     /  February 3, 2013

    I’m with you, Emily. I resent wasting all that time sleeping and so I routinely shortchange myself there. And, this morning, I’m sleepy. Which makes me cranky. I want more awake time! Without drugs to get me there, though. Cooking is still a waste of time, but now that my mom is living next door, I’m doing more cooking and actually sitting down to eat. That’s a good thing.

  4. CitizenE

     /  February 5, 2013

    Writing takes a long time. Keeping up with business takes a long time, often frustratingly so. Cooking is fun, reading cookbooks fun, eating a well cooked meal with family and friends fun; taking showers luxurious, and sleep in a comfortable bed, not to mention anything else that might go on there–the pleasures of being human. Don’t get all Calvinistic on me Emily while you are trying to be the world’s best Den Mother, which you probably are; looking for misplaced keys so you can get somewhere, now that is no fun and big waste of time; waiting in lines; waiting on the phone for computer or phone trouble shooting–going to meetings–now those things a particularly irksome.