On HuffPost Live about the UN settlements report.

I’m happy to say that I was able to appear on HuffPost Live again, this time to discuss the UN settlements report about which I wrote, below. If you’d like to watch the segment, you can click here; if you’re my mom, I start at roughly the 3 minute mark. There’s a lot of agreement and pessimism. Alas.


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  1. Ronald Bradley

     /  February 3, 2013

    I read your articles at Dailybeast – I admire you and agree with you – I have also learned a lot from you – I am a 70 year old retired person and I have travelled a lot in the middle east and know that what you say is the truth. All my life I have been shocked by the way many of my Jewish colleagues suppress and avoid any discussion of the Palestinian issue – I was reared in Northern Ireland and I have a deep understanding of how the terrorism in Ireland was cured. None of these lessons have been applied by Israel or the USA with regard to the middle east. I am sure that this is because most of us are afraid to talk about it because we will be called anti-semites or worse. I have seen this intimidation many, many times. Now that I am retired I finally have the freedom to speak out and I do, like you. When I was working I constantly faced the reality in the USA that I would be punished or worse if i said anything remotely critical about Israel. The recent example of Hagel is a stunning example of this. He clearly knew that he could not say anything critical of Israel at the hearings and get approved, so he remained quiet. Even those who agreed with him would use it to punish him, to make points against the Democrats and to gain more AIPAC related financial contributions and support. The Israeli partisans and GOP senators would smear him no matter what he said. I thought that he handled it very well. Most Americans do not understand the depth of the deception, as they interpret everything very literally and are innocently gullible. I am delighted by the recent changes in the media and now I can read Walt, Beinart and you as well as the usual distortions and canards about Israel the victim of the Palestinians. Thank you for your courage and energy. Keep it up. You are all changing the landscape permanently and for the common good. Let us all pray for a happy Israel and Palestine living side by side with their security issues guaranteed by the UN, but definitely not by the IDF. This is the only hope for Israel.