Inauguration Day.

To paraphrase my favorite Vice President of all time: This is a Big Fucking Deal. The President — this President — is a Big Fucking Deal. Not because he’s an icon, but because of his prodigious skills and inordinate abilities. Because of what he has been able to achieve, despite the enormity of the forces stacked against him. Against us.

Hereunder, a few video reminders of what today’s about — starting with the actual inauguration, which was yesterday, because that’s what the Constitution mandates (by tradition, when January 20 falls on a Sunday, the festivities are moved to the following day):

(It makes me so unreasonably happy every time I hear Justice Roberts say “Barack Hussein Obama”).

How big a fucking deal is this big fucking deal? This big:


Here’s President Obama thanking his campaign staff on November 8 (wrecked voice, tears, and all):


Here’s the President’s acceptance speech a couple of days before:


Here’s the speech he gave in Iowa just one night before that (also complete with tears):


And finally, here’s a young Mr. Barack Hussein Obama presenting a Black History Minute, back in 1991 (he’s just so him!)


Happy Inauguration Day, one and all!



  1. I didn’t even know he did a commercial back then. Even then, he had poise!

    • I don’t know how I happened to stumble upon it last year, but I did, and it really struck how little his carriage and presentation of self has changed. Remarkable.

  2. lillygoren

     /  January 21, 2013

    You might also enjoy this.

    • I saw that during the broadcast, thank you so much for bringing it here! That was, I think, the most moving piece of the entire day for me, really.

  3. JHarper2

     /  January 21, 2013

    To paraphrase my favorite Vice President of all time,
    You didn’t paraphrase you quoted. Rightly in my opinion.
    This is a BFD.