Hello new readers!

freshly-pressedI’m very pleased to say that I was Freshly Pressed by WordPress again, and it’s lovely to see new faces about the place!

Today’s act of Fresh Pressing involves this post: “Women do ask for more. They just aren’t rewarded for it.” Whereas the last time? It was a post about Libya and Yemen. So, yeah, I write about rather a range of things! Please have a look through the archives and categories; who knows what you might find? I’m surprised myself sometimes (honestly. I’m not proud. I’m just saying).

I went ahead and pulled out a few links that might interest folks. Comments are always open on everything — here’s my About Commenting page if you’re wondering about that.

1) Open letter to the fashion industry (aka: Nude is not a color). (This one’s actually kind of funny!)

2) Rape tolerance and actual facts. (And this one’s not funny – indeed: Trigger warning).

3) Dear GOP: You do know how pregnancy works, right? (I think they weren’t listening the first time). (Funny-ish? In that “people are making me mad” way?)

4) On older women and body image. (Aaaand back to straight-up anger).

Also, I blog regularly on The Daily Beast for Open Zion, a blog that deals with matters Israel/Palestine. So if that’s your thing? You should totally check us out. It’s absolutely not your average discussion of the Middle East!

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  1. For the Horde!

  2. Just discovered your blog via Freshly Pressed. I really like your voice, looking forward to reading more.

  3. watson42

     /  December 11, 2012

    Congrats, Emily! You deserve it; you do great work.