Monday open thread.

To quote Steve from Blue’s Clues: You know what to do!

UPDATE: There’s actually a thread at TNC’s now, if you’re looking for folks: (and if you can’t comment in Disqus or hate Disqus or like multiple open threads or whatever, feel free to stay here!)

Standard FYI clause: I generally wait about 2 hours after Ta-Nehisi would typically open a thread (roughly noon, EST, back when such a thing was typical…!), and if none is forthcoming, I put one up here.



  1. Oh shit, is it seriously two o’clock? No wonder the cat is demanding lunch.

    • Yeah, I know, I’m kind of in the same place. Only replace “cat” with “mah belleh.” The calories in that tiny pb sandwich I made on ittybitty rye bread an hour and a half ago have already all been been burned up and moved on.

      • Captain_Button

         /  December 3, 2012

        Trying not to think about food. Trying to be good, or at least not very bad today.

        • aaron singer

           /  December 3, 2012

          This is one of those days that I realize I haven’t eaten since breakfast and that was many hours ago, and that I’ve actually been hungry for a couple hours now but have more or less ignored that little problem.

  2. Oh! And I’ve got my first subbing gig at one of our local synagogue preschools, on Weds morning! Huzzah!

    And big ups to anibundel, who gave me the idea in the first place.

  3. Captain_Button

     /  December 3, 2012

    After the Revolution, when they come for the spaghetti coders, denounce me immediately to save yourselves. My doom will already be sealed.

    • That will be very easy for me as I have no idea what a “spaghetti coder” might be.

      • Captain_Button

         /  December 3, 2012

        A primitive quick and dirty style of programming that lets you get a computer program working quickly but in a disorganized form that will be difficult to maintain or modify in the future.

        Like organizing your office files by heaps of paper everywhere and just remembering where everything is. Simple, easy, and likely to get you murdered by your successor.

  4. The thing in Robs mouth is gone.

    There are blog posts. But I’m on my phone. So you’re going to have to trust me in this and check them at the link on the side of Enilys blog.

  5. Boozing! Over the Thanksgiving weekend I tried a couple of fino cask whiskies. The first was a Bruichladdich 1992 Fino Sherry Cask, which was extremely salty and somewhat overtaken by the sherry cask, but had a nice base of caramel and nougat that came out with a bit of water.

    • aaron singer

       /  December 3, 2012

      What would make it salty?

      We have a few bottles of port in the house. Some of it old (from around 2000, I think, although it doesn’t say on the bottle) and some if it really old (one from 1977 and another 1978). Any idea if the latter would even still be drinkable? There’s another bottle of muscat of indeterminable age (like the old ports, I think they belonged to my grandparents, so probably around 30 years old).

  6. Captain_Button

     /  December 3, 2012
    • I have hopes that one day, maybe even soon, I might be able to post over there again. Until then, I haz a sad.

      • caoil

         /  December 3, 2012

        Yeah, I’m hoping the switch to Windows 7/IE whatever-it-is will allow me to see things there once again, unless the work firewall continues to be inconsistent.

        • Yeah, I’m supposed to be upgraded “soon” (maybe even this week) but heaven alone knows.

          What’s funny is that my department has this training website where they put all our required coursework and IE8 is no longer compatible even with it, so my agency is basically being forced to upgrade (kicking and screaming) because it looks bad to the higher-ups when we don’t complete our required training.

      • watson42

         /  December 3, 2012

        My phone lets me post once, maybe twice with the new Disqus before it barfs. And then it won’t even let me see the comments. I’m told the OS for my computer here at work is going to be upgraded, but there’s still the firewall. *sigh*

        • NewDisqus does some weird stuff on my iPhone. Sometimes when I upvote a comment, the resolution on the comments suddenly drops and the only way to fix it is reloading the page. Very, very annoying.

          • And I have the “avatar tile covers half of comment at the 4th level of nesting” problem which OMG so annoying.

            I can’t speak to individual offices and their firewalls, but you would REALLY think that something as big as Disqus would know how to deal with a multiplicity of platforms, browsers, and computers. Certainly by now, at any rate.

        • efgoldman

           /  December 3, 2012

          I never have trouble with disqus, because I have an antique phliphone. I only post from a genn-yew-ine computerator machine.

    • / Googles Noyon

      PS Huh? I’m getting “place in France”!

  7. caoil

     /  December 3, 2012

    I believe Nora commiserated with me over a sewing mishap last time, so here’s another! In the little amount of time I had remaining to me yesterday for getting anything done, I sewed completely the wrong pair of pants for myself. One saggy-butt pair of pants later, I figured out which one I was supposed to have cut out. Guess who has to go to the fabric shop again tomorrow to get more corduroy?

    Today I will be flatlining the dress pieces instead of working on any pants. Your good vibes will be appreciated.

    • Oh my gods. Oh honey. I have never done that, exactly, but it is so close to the sort of mistake I *could* make that I’m getting the sympathetic queasies just thinking about it.

      I am zotting all the good vibes I have in your direction.

      • caoil

         /  December 3, 2012

        I guess I’ve got to start taking notes for myself as to what patterns I’m using for particular items, because otherwise this is going to happen again!

        • Yeah, maybe on the way to the fabric store you can pick up a special notebook of note-taking.

          Or set up a Google Doc, or whatever works for ya.

    • I have done very little sewing in my life — not nearly as much as I wish I had done, and I do hope to do more in the future — but I have done enough to know that that SUUUUUUCKS.

      I’m so sorry!

      • caoil

         /  December 3, 2012

        I cannot even begin to tell you what an idiot I felt last night after realizing. Just another reminder that I have got to learn not to procrastinate when I come up with projects.

  8. wearyvoter

     /  December 3, 2012

    Little Debbie makes brownies. (They’re not as good as homemade, but in a pinch….)

  9. I asked on TNC’s Lost Battalion thread but no responses yet, so I am asking here:
    “…my parents are convinced I need to travel in person to the DC/Maryland area and go door-to-door with resumes in hand to find work up there. While the area has a better employment market than where I am now (Florida), the entire hiring process for what I know is all “submit resume online and wait for HR to finish the keyword search”, and that no HR person is going to take a hand-delivered resume (lest they be swamped with 50,000 of them). Are my parents correct about going in person?…
    “The only proper alternative would be any job fairs going on… so I gotta ask those Horders in the Maryland area: are there any job fairs this month, especially for anyone with a library/information tech background like mine?”