And now for something completely different.

I actually don’t have a ding-dang thing to write about, nor do I have time to write it. I’m leaving in just a little smidge to go to two friends’ Big Numbered birthday party in Wisconsin, and you are kidding yourself as much as I’m kidding myself if you think I’m packed and/or ready to go.

But good God, y’all. Remember when I didn’t write about the misery of Israel/Palestine I do. Barely. I miss those times. They were good. Good times.

And so some random stuff, off the top of my head:

  • I learned on Monday that African Americans broadly share a stereotype of White Americans that we do not use washcloths — “just soap on body!” as one Twitter friend put it. I was gobsmacked, and protested. And tweeted out a picture of the washcloths in my linen closet because this calumny shall not stand.
  • In the past week I’ve read Virginia Woolfe’s biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s dog, Flush, and Austen’s Sense and Sensibility (first time), and Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451  (I thought I’d read it before but now I’m not sure…?) and they were all delightful! (Though I had some real issues with Bradbury the writing is so… I mean, just wow… that I couldn’t help but drown in it anyway).
  • The first two items came nicely full circle on Wednesday when I reached page 10 of my current book, The Girl Who Fell from the Sky, whereupon I read “white people don’t use washrags,” and though the book is beautiful and more than a little heartbreaking at this point, I laughed out loud.
  • Vikings punter and over-all-swell-guy Chris Kluwe called out a racist for being a “racist shitpickle” yesterday and I have determined that I must add this word to my vocabulary. Post haste. I mean: Shitpickle!
  • This is the cutest picture in the history of cute pictures, and you’re welcome:

otters floating

h/t Emergency Puppy

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Captain_Button

     /  November 30, 2012

    And in all the washrag wrangling I did not see one word of justification for why it matters and why anyone should care. No one even asserting that non-washrag use causes hurricanes, or Thripshaw’s Disease, or reality TV, or whatever, much less providing evidence.

    WTF does anyone care?

    Are we going to have several hundred posts on if you should eat all your peas before you eat all your potatoes?

  2. baiskeli

     /  November 30, 2012

    I didn’t realize you’re reading The Girl Who Fell from the Sky. I love that book!

    I used to be an avid listener of Heidi Durrow and Fanshen Cox’s Mixed Chicks Chats Podcast. Their Story Corps recording was amazing (I think where Fanshen Cox interviewed Heidi Durrow about growing up biracial).

    And that picture is adorable.

  3. caoil

     /  November 30, 2012


  4. Chanda

     /  November 30, 2012

    Where did you hear this bit about wash cloths? I’m Black, and I had no idea that all of us had this idea about white people?

  5. Please forgive this long posting – but if you are still packing – this might help you decide what to pack 🙂

    Just In Case

    “I’m going to the sea for a weekend,
    in a couple of days I’ll be back,
    so I’ll just take my little brown suit and a blouse
    and a beret and carry my mac.

    But what if the house is a cold one,
    the house where I’m going to stay,
    no fires after April, no hot drinks at night
    and the windows wide open all day?
    I’d better take one – no, two cardys
    and my long tartan scarf for my head,
    and my chaste new pyjamas in case they decide
    to bring me my breakfast in bed,
    and what about church on Sunday?
    I could wear my beret and suit,
    but if it were sunny, it would be a chance
    to wear my straw hat with the fruit.
    I can’t wear my little brown suit, though
    not with the straw and the fruit,
    so I’ll just take a silk dress to go with the straw
    and a silk scarf to go with the suit.
    I’ll just take my jeans and that jumper
    in case we go out in the car,
    and my Guernsey in case we go out in a boat
    and d’you know where my swimming things are?

    D’you think I should take that black velvet
    in case they’ve booked seats for a play?
    And is it still usual to take your own towel
    when you go somewhere to stay?
    I had thought of just taking slippers,
    but they do look disgustingly old,
    I’d better take best shoes and sandals and boots
    for the church and the heat and the cold.

    I daren’t go without my umbrella
    in case I’m dressed and it rains;
    I’m bound to need socks and my wellies
    for walking down long muddy lanes.

    I’d rather not take my old dressing gown,
    its such a business to pack,
    but s’pose they have breakfast before they get dressed
    I’d have to have mine in my old mac.

    I’m going to the sea for the weekend,
    in a couple of days I’ll be back,
    so I’ll just take my little brown suit and a blouse,
    two cardys, my long tartan scarf,
    my chaste new pyjamas
    my straw hat with the fruit,
    my silk dress, my silk scarf,
    my jeans, that jumper,
    my Guernsey, my swimming things,
    my black velvet, my towel,
    my slippers (no one need see them)
    my sandals, my boots, my umbrella
    my socks, my wellies
    my dressing gown, no, not my dressing gown,
    Ok my dressing gown,
    and a beret and carry my mac.

    By Charlotte Mitchell

  6. CitizenE

     /  December 3, 2012

    Washcloths: I, a bonified white guy do not use em; however, at my B&B I can testify to the daily usage of every single guest I have had in the last two months, all white. So there you go.

  7. CitizenE

     /  December 3, 2012

    On the shitpickle front: Gherkins? Kosher Dills (whole ones can be pretty large turds), or a whole mess of those dainty French cornichons?