Israelis role-play Palestinians: “I’m God’s creature, too.”

Please watch this short video of Israelis living in Sderot, one of the towns most frequently hit by Palestinian militants’ rockets, role-playing Palestinians living under occupation. It starts out depressing, and by the end, has a kind of excruciating beauty to it.


I wish I could thank all the people involved here personally.

h/t +972



  1. Chanda

     /  November 23, 2012

    Thanks, Emily, for sharing this. It’s painful, but hopeful, and we need hopeful.

  2. Very touching, thanks for sharing. What this world requires is more empathy and less apathy. I really like your articles too.
    Just sharing something with you which this post reminded me of, though not very well written

    There’s much to gain not much to lose
    to walk a step in my enemy’s shoes

    learn where they pinch, where they bite
    where they’re loose and where they’re tight

    his hurt’s now mine I feel his pain
    changing shoes was not in vain

    for lost is hatred and enmity
    I am just left with empathy