My President is a mensch.

Watch President Obama thanking the folks at Obama For America yesterday. Just watch:


The husband will occasionally say to me “Disagree with him on politics or policy or whatever, but how can you not like him?” I like our President, and I am so proud to have played a part, however miniscule, in the last three election cycles. A few days out pounding the pavement, a few donations, 75 phone calls on this most recent election day — it really wasn’t much, but I did what I could, and I did it with gratitude, and a kind of love.

I’m so proud that this man is our President.

via @yahelc, Senior Digital Analyst, Obama for America.



  1. When you hear him speak, and you hear the pauses in his cadence, you know it is because he is dredging up emotion. It’s been true in almost every speech I’ve heard from him. There is a river of positive energy within this man that must burn with the fire of a thousand suns, for nothing anyone has said or done has diminished it in the least. He channels that energy into drive, desire, and will. He bestows it upon is at every turn. We bask in the glow of it and it nourishes us. This man is not just my President, he is my savior, not in the Biblical sense, but in the American sense. He has restored the faith I had in government before George W. Bush came along and tore it asunder. This man has lifted me up and shown me that it is still possible to look out beyond the politics and work toward doing great things for all Americans. I wish he would be President forever.

    • I like him too much to wish such a fate on him. ; )

      On a more serious note, one thing I was thinking today as I tried to drag myself back to the position of Activist (which is to say, I need to call this President on a few things, too) is that going right back into the fray is exactly what he wants the country to do. He has said time and again that he’s not perfect, and that there’s hard work ahead. So holding his feet to the fire is, actually, an act of respect for his vision! Which is nice, you know?

  2. I cannot imagine Mitt Romney doing this type of speech to the “little people.” And I don’t even seeing him being this moving to the Big Donors. I love this man, but there is more he needs to do!