An open thread for the weary.

I know Ta-Nehisi has an open thread up, but I also know that clicking “more comments” eight times to get to the bottom of more than 400 comments (as of 4:00 pm EST Monday) is – how you say? – not fun. I furthermore know that some Hordians have a very hard time with the new Disqus system, for a variety of reasons, and thus might not be able to participate at all.

So I figured: Folks might want a quieter alternative.




  1. Awww. You read my mind.

    • And my own! It’s too much for me over there under the new Disqus. Once it’s past about 200, I just can’t deal anymore.

  2. Flogging of the blog! I tried a cocktail called the Ashtray Heart (named after a Captain Beefheart song, apparently). It was delicious, but probably a little bit much for some people: Smith & Cross rum, dry and sweet vermouths, and a mezcal rinse.

    • watson42

       /  October 29, 2012

      That drink looks awesome. Did you see the article over at the Altantic about using spruce in cocktails?

      • I need to try making it with Batavia arrack. That’s the only other spirit I can think of that might be able to hold its own against the other components.

        Wayne Curtis is good people, so I’ll have to read that article.

      • Speaking of spruce, if you ever see Rogue Pink (the pink part is key) Spruce gin, get some. The wine barrel aging gives it an almost whiskey-like flavor and makes it a sippable gin.

  3. Disqus and I are no longer on speaking terms. Lawyers are involved. Disqus can have the house, I’m just trying to get out with my dignity semi-intact.

  4. Just seen on TV:
    ABC Reporter: “Here, watch this stuff blow away!”
    drops it on ground.
    it does not move.

    • Bob Jones' Neighbor

       /  October 29, 2012

      Back to the Weather Channel, ani! I thought they were showing a snowstorm in Rhode Island. What looked like sb\now was blowing droplets of water.

      • For the record, when they cycled back to him, he had a much lighter branch with a useful fan shape that he made sure would fly when he tossed it to demonstrate the might of the wind.

      • aaron singer

         /  October 29, 2012

        Maybe it was sea foam? I’ve seen that quite a bit on TV today, but this flyover country resident hardly ever sees it besides times like these.

  5. Bob Jones' Neighbor

     /  October 29, 2012

    What? 4:00 already!? We have had a rough day here on the farm. Mrs Neighbor has a show dog, a Clumber Spaniel named Jena, who has been diagnosed with precursor-directed immune-mediated anemia (PIMA). Basically, this means that her body destroys red blood cells as they are forming in her bone marrow. Anyway, Jena’s at University of Georgia Vet School getting a transfusion today, in hopes of getting her red blood cells working so that the meds she’s on will have time to work to get her bone marrow functioning. She’s the first case of PIMA that UGA has seen. We’re all a little stressed around here.

  6. David L

     /  October 29, 2012

    Random thoughts:

    1. I need an antacid and a nap.

    2. When one is the nurturing type, it well and truly sucks to be 100 miles from one’s sick significant other.

    3. When one is the nurturing type, it well and truly sucks to have a significant other who is convinced that you’re angry because he had to cancel his visit and you don’t know how to convince him that you’re just a little bit bummed but mostly worried about his well-being.

    • All you can do is say that, and trust him to be able to believe you. Eventually. You haven’t been together very long – I suspect he may actually be reacting to someone from his past (whether parent or boyfriend, that’s another question!).

      • David L

         /  October 29, 2012

        It’s definitely something that’s been a part of his experience prior to me (he did the same thing when he had to delay our initial meeting by 24 hours.) What it comes down to is that I like this guy and I want to fix what it is that’s bothering him. That’s always the hard part, because you can’t always do that.

  7. Ian

     /  October 29, 2012

    I now have my very own miniature snow plow. Pity that our road has no mailboxes.

  8. The Chesapeake Bay bridge (5 miles from me) has been closed due to wind.

    My dog is deeply suspicious of this water falling from the sky thing. He just now finally asked to go out because he couldn’t cross his legs any more. The cats are either under the bed with their paws stuffed in their ears or clinging to me.

    Optional soundtrack for today (and tomorrow):

  9. For those who might be wondering, those who were at the Zoo all came home in one piece, if rather damp.

  10. watson42

     /  October 29, 2012

    Emily, I love you. I was just thinking another open thread would be nice. 🙂

    So, I have this job interview tomorrow, but I don’t know if it’s still on. Things here in the Boston area don’t seem too bad (at least in my little corner), though public transit shut down at 2:00. I am planning on it still happening but this whole storm thing is distracting.

    • Ian

       /  October 29, 2012

      Show up and leave a note in some kind of waterproof container. They’ll be impressed.

      • watson42

         /  October 29, 2012

        Some of the animal care and tissue culture people are guaranteed to be there tomorrow. One of the things I *don’t* miss about being in lab – having to be there no matter what. Maybe I should show up with some Dunkin coffee and donuts for those doomed to take care of the animals/cells…

    • [And I was very much thinking of you when I mentioned the “some Hordians”! : )]

      • watson42

         /  October 29, 2012

        If I were in Chicago, I would bring you homemade almond scones. Or pesto if you prefer savory to sweet (I just sacrificed some of my basil plants – I figured a hurricane probably meant it was time).

    • OH SHIT.
      We were supposed to have two interviews tomorrow.
      Thank you for reminding me.

  11. …..and siding is coming off the neighbor’s house into our yard.


  13. wearyvoter

     /  October 29, 2012

    No leaks here. Just waiting for Godot (the roofer). To be fair, there was a job he was on last week that had a bit of a rain delay. But it’s clear all this week (for once). I may call him on Wednesday morning to see wassup.