But wait, it gets better – if you’re poor, the GOP hates your baby, too.

Step one: Don’t allow health insurance to cover contraceptives (thus guaranteeing that poor women will either have to stay celibate or fall pregnant) – so say Indiana Treasurer/candidate for US Senate Richard Mourdock and Senator Rick Santorum (to name just two leading Republicans who support such legislation). 

Step twoDon’t allow any kind of abortion, ever (thus guaranteeing that poor women will either have to give up their babies for adoption or have babies they may not be able to afford) – so say Vice Presidential candidate/US Representative Paul Ryan and Indiana Treasurer/candidate for US Senate Richard Mourdock (to name just two leading Republicans who support such legislation).

Step three: If babies are born to a mother who cannot prove that said babies are the result of rape, cut back that mother’s food stamp benefits (thus guaranteeing that poor women and their babies will stay poor and quite possibly hungry) – so say Pennsylvania State Reps. RoseMarie Swanger, Mark Gillen, Keith Gillespie, Adam Harris, and Mike Tobash [+ a Democratic douchebag Blue Dog state representative named Tom Caltagirone], who, you’ll be stunned to learn, are also anti-choice (just click on the links).

I wrote earlier that the right to reproductive choice is a question of fundamental human rights and the separation of church and state, but it’s important to remember that it is wrapped up in many other things as well, not least: The right to decide who controls a woman’s sexuality.

And it ain’t the woman. And damn any babies who get in the way.

And PS: Not only do food stamps keep people from being malnourished, they’re a good governmental investment: For every dollar spent on the program, the economy sees an influx of $1.73. Clearly we wouldn’t want any of that, in this economy.


  1. It’s funny (ish) – the Republican rhetoric on this IS making me rethink sex…except I think they were shooting for ‘wait until marriage’ and I am definitely veering towards ‘not with men, ever.’

  2. What is horrifying is how these pro-fetus, anti-sex people are more eager to defend their ideology than they are actually helping people.
    I really don’t like passing judgment on them like this: but then again, passing judgment on others is what they do all the time

  3. Captain_Button

     /  October 25, 2012

    Things like this involve an alliance. There is the “punish women for having sex” group and the “government should never spend money except to hurt people” group. They can agree on the above since it serves both interests. The latter group is in favor of this because it means the government spends less money.

    Even assuming the first group would support helping the post-born children, the other group would not.

  4. What the hell is going on over there in the States???? J. H. Christ. Every report I see is like a report straight from the looney bin.

  5. Electronic_Neko

     /  October 26, 2012

    It is AMAZING to me that conservatives get so insistent about American “exceptionalism” and then turn around and pull things like this. I don’t understand how someone can insist America is the greatest country on earth and still think we can’t afford to make sure children in America don’t go hungry, no matter how they were conceived.

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