“You might have Romnesia!”

My friend Angry Black Lady has this up at her place, but I feel a veryvery powerful need to have it up at my own, too.


(Heh! He is so getting into it at the end there!)


  1. I think the break at the Al Smith Dinner last night recharged him. I also think he did not take kindly to Romney’s thinly-veiled barbs at that dinner, so he decided to turn the tables on him. “Romnesia” is just the kind of catch-word that has sticking power, and I think this will become an albatross around Romney’s neck. The next debate should be a scorcher!

  2. Captain_Button

     /  October 19, 2012

    This one goes up there with “Waldheimer’s Syndrome”, where you can’t remember if you have been a Nazi.

  3. I still think calling Mitt “The Jerk Who Will Ignore The 47 Percent” has more staying power…

  4. I’m late to the party as always, but…I actually can’t quite find this funny. If the other side did it I’d think it was obnoxious and a little insensitive. God only knows if I were Obama right now I’d be saying worse–“Romnesia” is probably the mildest of all the remarks he’s been biting his tongue on for the last few months (years)–but I feel like it’s a cheap shot, whether the content is justified or not. Come right out and call him a liar, that would suit me better.

  5. Going up at my place too.

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    Now tell me again, Romney plans to beat this guy how, exactly? Pfffft.

  7. Want2Know

     /  October 20, 2012

    I wish this Obama, and the one at the 2nd Debate, were present much more in the last four years. We are now starting to see a tend I have long suspected. Romney, in the debates, had a far easier task than Obama. Romney didn’t have to be good, only good enough—good enough for the 6-8% of white, mostly middle aged suburban and middle-upper middle class “swing” voters. The voters who supported Obama in 2008 but feel pounded by the economy and want change. I think they had been waiting to see if Romney could hold his own next to Obama in the debates. Romney has met that test, with great help from Obama in Debate 1 and, even when bested by Obama in Debate 2. In this context, Obama’s challenge was much higher, probably too high for most candidates. He had to use the debates to show Romeny as an unacceptable alternative to these swing voters. That did not happen.

    Now, Obama faces another incredible challenge–to overcome the loss of these voters, he will need a turnout among his base that exceeds the unprecedented 2008 levels. It is possible, but, as of today, there is little evidence of it. In fact, in almost every survey shows Romney supporters more intense and more likely to vote.