Troy Davis’s birthday.

Troy Davis should be turning 44 today; instead, we just marked the first anniversary of his unwarranted execution at the hands of the State of Georgia.

My friend Jen Marlowe, the filmmaker behind those powerful videos produced by Amnesty International in the fight for Troy’s life, produced the following video in his memory, calling on all of us to continue the work that Troy began from his prison cell, the work to abolish the death penalty. One way to do that is to support Amnesty in their fight against the death penalty; another way is to work for the passage of Prop 34 in California, which would abolish the death penalty in that state, and replace it with life in prison without possibility of parole.

In Troy’s own words:

We can correct all the wrongs if we just continue to stand together, and that’s what’s most important. We need to continue to stand together and educate each other, and don’t give up the fight.

We are all Troy Davis, now.


  1. As a Californian, I am hoping and praying Prop 34 passes. Unfortunately I’m not able to do door-knocking type stuff, but I have been spreading the word online as much as possible. I think it would be such a huge thing for this state, the largest in the nation, to take this stance – my hope is it would lead to other states doing the same, once they see the hand-wringing worries from DP supporters are just not true or valid. And maybe more people can be brought around to see that it’s just not the way a just and fair and good-hearted society should behave.

  2. In an effort to resurrect my own hope and faith following Troy’s tragic execution, I decided to take his last letter to me and transpose it into a poem. It’s my attempt to show that TROY IS STILL SPEAKING, that his message is more alive than ever…

    ~ a poem both for and by Troy Davis,
    composed using only the words
    from his last letter to me ~

    In this world, each word is life—
    The heart of tomorrow
    Already touched with believing,
    The hope I pray
    To bless into being;

    For freedom keeps the page of change
    Filled with the “if” of God,
    Enough that you and I express
    What’s fighting to be Cause;

    So read this world, this poem, as life—
    As Troy, as family—
    And thank the better heart that wrote
    Each wanted word for me.

    Roxanne Ivey
    Poet for Positive Change

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