Wait! Something fun before I go! The five movies I just watched in 24 hours.

Readers, I’ve loved him since he was a goat.

You heard me: I watched five movies in 24 hours, because both kids are away on different fun-n-frolic adventures this weekend. But even in my pre-mother days, such movie viewing would have been unheard-of, as four of the five required me to sit on my couch for hours on end — AND IT WAS AWESOME. (Number 5 we watched in an actual movie theater).

So, hereunder, a list of those movies (none of which I had ever seen before, a fact which, in at least one case, is likely to shock and dismay you), as well as my very, very brief reviews of same. Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions for further viewing? The comment section is your friend, my friends!

  1. An Affair to Remember – Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr were charming actors, and that Cary Grant, man, is he easy on the eyes, or what? And when it was a kind of gentle, warm romantic comedy on a boat, I loved it. When they docked in New York, though, and it became an ostensible tear-jerker with an utterly ridiculous premise, I loved it a lot less. And I finally just fast-forwarded past that third song, because honestly, now, 1957 — there’s a reason we stopped including such numbers in our moving pictures. But all in all, I’m glad I saw it.
  2. Office Space – INORITE? Can you believe I’d never seen it? I’d never seen it! And now that I have, I have learned that it is not, in fact, about the general meltdown and ensuing shenanigans of an entire office staff’s worth of underlings, as I’d always thought. I’ve learned that the scene with the printer in the middle of the field is freaking brilliant. And I’ve learned that the movie as a whole, while funny, is not as funny as I expected it to be, in no small part because the part of Milton is actually sad and depressing and frankly disturbing, because we’re essentially being encouraged to laugh at the abuse of a person who is, at the very least, mentally challenged. But I did like Jennifer Aniston’s “flair.” I really liked Ron Livingston’s line about Hitler and flair.
  3. X-Men: First Class – Dudes! I totally loved this movie! There were definite weaknesses, not least the fact that January Jones apparently very genuinely cannot act, and the fact that a few of the FX scenes (involving ice and water) appeared to have been done with by my son at school or something. But by and large, it was a really, really solid prequel, deftly providing loads and loads of backstory for the earlier movies, while not sacrificing its own story to do so. And James McAvoy, mirite? I mean seriously. James McAvoy.
  4. Up in the Air That George Clooney. He can act, you know? And indeed, everybody did a good job with this film, and the ending was pitch perfect. So kudos, all around. (I do rather wish that he had asked the obvious question of his paramour when she called him after… that one scene. Because, you know, she had just managed to free up an entire weekend to be with him, any normal person would have asked one very simple question, eg: “Why didn’t you tell me?”) It’s kind of amazing how a man that good-looking can play what amounts to a series of different kinds of sad sacks (FWIW, I wasn’t thrilled with the Sad Sack in Hawaii movie, but Sad Sack on Airplanes? Totally knocked it out of the park).
  5. Pitch Perfect – This one we saw today at a matinee at an actual theater, and it was totally, totally fun! I know there’s been some controversy over the lighthearted manner with which they treated the issue of “your campus rape whistle” and I fully agree that that was inappropriately jesty — and they would have lost NOTHING of value in the film had they axed it. And the father-daughter relationship that essentially served as a deus ex machina was… not awesome. But for the most part, the movie is fun and funny and entirely worth getting off my couch, particularly (as the husband noted) for the musical numbers, which are just better on a big screen. Thumbs up!

There, look! I wrote an entire post that wasn’t depressing at all. It can be done! : )

See you on the flip side, internet — like I said: Holiday until tomorrow night.

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  1. Darth Thulhu

     /  October 7, 2012

    So you’ve loved him ever since he was a goat? Hmmm. Cue the Drudge effects.

    Ellaesther: Goat Lover!

    X-Men first class had lots of issues, but I loved how they made young Xavier a complete lout picking up chicks by commenting on groovy mutations while Fassbender’s Magneto was on a monomaniacal mission to single-handedly avenge the Holocaust and bring justice to the Nazi menace. The juxtaposition was really fun.

  2. Just saw “Looper” last night. It was far more violent than I was led to believe, but not as sad. It is not a movie to take kids to–even though there were a half-dozen in the audience. Oh well. I can’t be everyone’s parent.

  3. I can never listen to Geto Boyz the same way again after Office Space…