And the story rolls on…. (Plus: Monday is another holiday).

So just in case you thought that the Greta Berlin story was going anywhere, it hasn’t. Here’s Open Zion’s official response: The Tortuous History Of The Greta Berlin Tweet Controversy.

I’ve been dealing with all of this off and on since late Thursday night, and while I will continue to have a hand in it (having written about it and all!), I won’t be trying to personally communicate about all the ins and outs and various parts of the story that some people are slicing, dicing, and parsing (and many are demanding I slice, dice and parse with them). I am not in the business of guessing the darkest recesses of other people’s hearts – I am in the business of writing about the implications of verifiable facts.

When I wrote my first piece, it was a verifiable fact that Berlin had tweeted something that was blatantly anti-Semitic and done nothing to disavow it. Had she made her “I am not a supporter of the video that I posted, nor would I ever have been” statement 24 (or even 12) hours earlier, my post would have been very, very different. I would have called on her to recognize why people were so angry and why her actions had been interpreted as they had been, and would have stressed that by leaving the question open, she is actually doing damage to the cause she says she supports: Palestinian rights. Which is to say: My larger point would have remained pretty much the same — the example that I was using to support it would have changed in tone, but not in essential content.

But the truth is: Neither Greta Berlin nor the organization she co-founded are nearly significant enough to take up this kind of airtime. They are not, to put it bluntly, The Point. The point is, has always been, and will apparently long continue to be, the unresolved conflict — about which no one is talking. Again.

Rather than telling me that I am a defender of anti-Semitism (I’m not), that I shamefully caved to pressure from fellow travelers (I didn’t), or that I don’t know my own mind (I do), here are some things that we should be talking about:

  1. Israeli airstrike on the Gaza Strip injured 11 people on Sunday (including, by the way, five children).
  2. Backed by court, East Jerusalem settlement expands into Palestinian home
  3. Israeli activist blindfolded, mugged, beaten by settlers
  4. Prominent Israeli figures hold send-off for settler who abused Palestinian teen
  5. Political persecution, torture as common practice and executions in Hamas-run courts

And it bears noting that if we had actually resolved this conflict at any one of the many points that we might have forged a two-state solution in the past 25 years, we wouldn’t be talking about Greta Berlin at all right now. FWIW, and so on.


Our last fall holiday starts tonight at sunset, so I will once again be offline from then until post-sunset (CST) on Monday (because, in case you’re wondering, we keep Israeli custom and mark both holidays on the same day).

I cannot tell you how happy that now makes me.

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