Yom Kippur 2012.

Yom Kippur in Tel Aviv, on what is usually Israel’s busiest highway. I miss home.

In my effort to get All The Things done, I have not managed to write a Yom Kippur post. Given that I didn’t manage to write a (new) Rosh Hashana post, I suppose I can at least claim consistency!

So, in lieu of many words, I will just say these:

If you fast: May it go easy, and may your fasting and prayers rise to heaven and seal you in the Book. And if you don’t fast, may you be sealed anyway! I believe that we are all God’s, and that the Holy One is not so small as to punish us for failing to do something that may or may not have been wholly invented by well-meaning believers.

Whatever you do tomorrow, may it bring you meaning and joy, and may we all rise the next day with a renewed sense of purpose in the role we must play in healing our world.

(And needless to say, I won’t be here to post or moderate comments. But feel free to leave them! If you get stuck, I’ll free you as soon as the fast is over).

Gmar hatima tova ve’tzom kal (a good sealing and easy fast) to all!   !גמר חתימה טובה וצום קל

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