Correction, correction, correction!!

The bafflingly awesome TFIOS duct-tape wallet mentioned and photographed in Friday’s bar mitzvah report was not, it turns out, made by the boy’s delightful friend, but was rather selected by her and purchased on etsy. As an ex-boyfriend’s mother once said to me: “It’s a skill knowing where to shop, too” — and, I would argue, knowing how to select just the right gift for a friend.

If you, too, would like a TFIOS wallet made of duct-tape, here’s where you should go: The Fault in Our Stars inspired duct tape wallet.

I’m telling you, it’s awesome. I am very sorely tempted to steal it, but I think the boy might notice.


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  1. efgoldman

     /  August 27, 2012

    So, so full of awesome!