Open Thread…?

Again, as always, as per the yoozh, I have no idea what’s going on over to the Mother Ship. Have an Open Thread, just in case.

Standard FYI clause: I generally wait about 2 hours after Ta-Nehisi would typically open a thread (roughly noon, EST, back when such a thing was typical…!), and if none is forthcoming, I put one up here.




  1. Dr Who New Who Guide. I’m already getting flak for not including the “Dalek” episode from the ninth doctor.

  2. Thanks again to the mighty Khan for kicking me up to the top yesterday. The boozy conversations have been a lot of fun.

    Today I finished off a small series of cocktails all using rye whiskey and sherry. My favorite of the bunch somehow manages to smell strongly of curry spices like cumin and tumeric:


    In short, a fertilizer company donated a large amount of money to a pro-Romney PAC.

    Which makes perfect sense. After all, he’s one of their biggest suppliers.

  4. baiskeli

     /  August 9, 2012

    I came across a beautiful quote that Ted Kennedy made about Romney

    “I am pro-choice. My opponent is multiple-choice.” — Ted Kennedy in 1994 debating Mitt Romney

  5. caoil

     /  August 9, 2012

    In the spirit of the movie ‘Waitress’, I think we should make ourselves some TNC-Keeps-Us-On-Our-Toes Pie. I guess it could also be Uncertainty Pie, or maybe Hither-And-Yon Cake.

  6. I can function. I will function. I will make it to the end of the work day.
    *repeat as necessary*

    • caoil

       /  August 9, 2012

      Is your brain feeling better?

      • Today is the first day I got to work on time, instead of going to the doctors.
        I am trying to make it the whole day. My head aches though.

    • Darth Thulhu

       /  August 9, 2012

      Aw. Kudos for the determination and perseverance. Pray you feel better.

      • It’s the nausea more than the headache. The headache i can power through. The nausea, less so.

  7. David L

     /  August 9, 2012

    I was having a very productive day. Then I went to lunch, got an e-mail about something that I feel like I know less than nothing about but am still probably more qualified to answer than anyone else in the organization, and now I just want to goof off for the rest of the day.

  8. dmf

     /  August 9, 2012

    ee, did you catch this flick?

  9. dmf

     /  August 9, 2012

    Drunken Morning by Arthur Rimbaud,

    Oh, my Beautiful! Oh, my Good!
    Hideous fanfare where yet I do not stumble!
    Oh, rack of enchantments!
    For the first time, hurrah for the unheard-of work,
    For the marvelous body! For the first time!
    It began with the laughter of children, and there it will end.
    This poison will stay in our veins even when, as the fanfares depart,
    We return to our former disharmony.
    Oh, now, we who are so worthy of these tortures!
    Let us re-create ourselves after that superhuman promise
    Made to our souls and our bodies at their creation:
    That promise, that madness!
    Elegance, silence, violence!
    They promised to bury in shadows the tree of good and evil,
    To banish tyrannical honesty,
    So that we might flourish in our very pure love.
    It began with a certain disgust, and it ended –
    Since we could not immediately seize upon eternity –
    It ended in a scattering of perfumes.
    Laughter of children, discretion of slaves, austerity of virgins,
    Horror of faces and objects here below,
    Be sacred in the memory of the evening past.
    It began in utter boorishness, and now it ends
    In angels of fire and ice.
    Little drunken vigil, blessed!
    If only for the mask you have left us!
    Method, we believe in you! We never forgot that yesterday
    You glorified all of our ages.
    We have faith in poison.
    We will give our lives completely, every day.
    For this is the assassin’s hour.

    • CitizenE

       /  August 12, 2012

      Ma Boheme (My Bohemian Life) by Arthur Rimbaud

      Hands in holey pockets, I took off.
      My overcoat threadbare and perfect,
      I took off under heaven, Muse, kneeling before you,
      and, oh-la-la! what love I’ve conjured.

      My only pair of trousers ripped out at the knees,
      I wandered, Tom Thumb, poet of an open road,
      and caroused at The Great Bear’s Honky-tonk,
      where stars that you only see in the sky sauntered across it in tempo for me.

      Watching, listening to them bounce around, I sat my ass down
      at the grassy crossroads with the dew, those sweet September evenings,
      splashing roses next to my chest–dizzy and intoxicated!

      Where, rhymer from some fantastic elf-land,
      I tied, as if playing guitar strings, my frayed,
      blessed shoestrings, one foot near to my heart.

  10. baiskeli

     /  August 9, 2012

    A letter that clearly illustrates the divide between America and Canada regarding gun control

    Analysis by columnist Naomi Lakritz

    He also complained about Canadian gun laws, saying that in Canada, only the police and criminals carry handguns. Yes, that’s true, and it’s probably one of the reasons when there’s a dispute over a parking space in Canada, nobody dies from bullet wounds as a result.

    Wawra’s mindset is what America’s gun mania has produced. How paranoid and how very sad.

    Wawra wrote that he speculated the men did not have good intentions. He claims the men spoke in an “aggressive, disrespectful and menacing manner.” Menacing? A question about the Stampede is construed as a menace? Or, as someone commented on the Herald’s website: “… for asking if you had been to the Stampede? Since when is that grounds to be dead?” Another commenter wrote: “I can see why they were frightened. If you rearrange the letters in ‘been to Stampede yet?’ you get “a beset potted enemy’.”

    Most likely, the men noticed something about the Wawras that indicated they were tourists, and were trying to make conversation. Maybe they themselves were enjoying the Stampede’s centennial celebration and wanted to let these tourists know that their visit to Calgary wouldn’t be complete without a day at the Stampede. The fact that the young men looked bewildered by Wawra’s response indicates that their intentions were indeed friendly ones and that they were quite puzzled at being rebuffed.

    Essentially, 2 men approached this man (a Police officer in the U.S but on vacation in Canada), asked him if he’d been to the stampede, and he intepreted that as a threat and wished he had his gun.

  11. baiskeli

     /  August 9, 2012

    Today in stupidity (keep in mind this is the clown who wrote that Birther book that some on the right take seriously)

    Tea party activist: Evidence Obama was married to Pakistani man

    Say what! This sounds like a wet dream for a racist, homophobic, xenophobic clown. It’s like hitting the jackpot.

  12. dmf

     /  August 9, 2012

  13. All that time we spent with d-bag Ryan Lochte before the Olympics we could have been spending with Ashton Eaton instead.

  14. dmf

     /  August 9, 2012
  15. efgoldman

     /  August 9, 2012

    Stoonts in the lounge are very lethargic today.

    • caoil

       /  August 9, 2012

      Where did everybody go?!

      • Home. Couching, watching Throwdown With An Redheaded Asshole.

        • efgoldman

           /  August 9, 2012

          HEY! You-know-who is a redhead!

          • We won’t hold Bobby Flay against her.
            For the record, this was a very early episode of Throwndown, where the mark had zero idea what was going on when Flay showed up. Flay tells the camera he’s not put out that the guy he showed up to Throwdown against had no idea who he was & never heard of the show. He needs to take lying lessons from Romney, because he was so totally pissed.

    • helensprogeny

       /  August 9, 2012

      I’m struggling. Hot – temps for the week are 107, 108, 109, 109, 107, 107, 103. Hormonal. Harassed. It took me nearly 3 hours to research and book airline tickets. Dinner has been cancelled due to lack of energy. The bills I meant to pay today remain in their envelopes. I’m gathering my strength to do laundry. My brain is very much in the slow lane today.

      • Hey, you sound like me!
        I really need all this to lift prior to the last week of August, or I will be royally screwed.

  16. efgoldman

     /  August 9, 2012

    So I’m watching ABC news right this minute, and Jonathan Karl is calling the “Bain killed my wife” commercial “the most outrageous of the campaign”
    Then he called the “Mitt lies about weelfare reform”, “controversial.” “The White House claims it is a lie.”

    • switch to cooking channel. It will do wonders for you blood pressure.

      • efgoldman

         /  August 9, 2012

        Its OK. i enjoy calling them f*ckers.

      • aaron singer

         /  August 9, 2012

        I wish I got the cooking channel. 😦

      • CitizenE

         /  August 12, 2012

        If you watch too much Nigella, however, it will ruin your blood sugar.

  17. wearyvoter

     /  August 9, 2012

    Had an actual thunderstorm come through this part of parched, parched Flatlandia. It probably dropped half an inch of rain. We need more, but it’s a start.

  18. You guys are going to love this. This is … simply amazing. 360 degree view of Mars’s surface. Geek on, brothers and sisters!