My kingdom for a tiny space.

I am genuinely sad that I will never have any need for the itty-bitty, teeny-weeny live/work space pictured below. It’s so smart, and so cool! If I could just have this and a Smart Car, my life might–finally–be complete.




Bay Area feng shui expert distills his office, bedroom and meditation space into a compact, mobile cube for his loft.

Commissioned by a renowned Feng Shui practitioner for his Oakland loft, this compact mobile dwelling cube allows the client to balance his personal and professional life in one space.

Bay Area Feng Shui expert, Liu Ming, was facing a dilemma: his 1,100 square-foot live/work apartment felt vast and deserted when he was alone, yet he needed more space for his growing Feng Shui classes. He was often forced to juggle his desk, closets and other hefty personal furniture to accommodate over 30 students. He sought an unconventional design solution to gain more space for his classes and streamline loft reconfigurations, while preserving his personal space.

And it’s flat-pack, too! /swoon

h/t BoingBoing



  1. That’s so COOL. I love tiny spaces. Have you seen this site?

    • NO. I had not! I am forever clicking on “tiny house” articles/slide shows (and tree-house articles/slide shows) (what’s a tree-house if not a tiny house that has the extra-added coolness factor of being in a tree?) BUT I DID NOT KNOW THERE WAS A SITE.

      /adds to bookmarks